I, myself, am not getting any younger. As I age, I find myself trying harder to be healthy and to take care of my body as it shows and feels the signs of aging. One very important part of that care involves keeping my body hydrated—inside and out. In terms of taking care of the outside, meaning my skin, I try to moisturize my skin. I live in a very dry climate that is a desert and I have eczema, so it's a challenge to keep my skin moisturized, intact, and comfortable. Whatever products I do use, I try to ensure they are more natural, non-toxic and gentle. One such product I am adding to my skincare routine is from My Alchemy Skincare.

My Alchemy Skincare

My Alchemy Skincare is a company started by a mother-daughter team. What inspired them to create their company? Cancer. It's an unusual reason to start a company. But, it makes a lot of sense and is admirable when you read on to learn why. After having been affected by cancer, the mother and daughter sought to “offer every (BODY) knowledge to empower healthy choices as we strive to help you live your best life toxic free” (taken from their website).  I LOVE IT! Both of my parents had cancer, which has personally made me aware of potential carcinogens in our environment and has made me more actively seek as non-toxic a lifestyle as possible.

Rose Hydrosol – A Wonderful Way To Help Care For Your Skin

One of the My Alchemy products I had the opportunity to try was their Rose Hydrosol, which is like a toner. According to the product website, this product is “made with hand-picked Rose Damascena petals from Bulgarian rose fields.” The website also states the following, “ROSE OIL adds antimicrobial and aromatherapy benefits and can be found useful in reducing redness and inflammation.” And, the Rose Hydrosol helps provide nourishment and hydration. My Alchemy says it can be used for any skin type.

When I sprayed it on my face, I could instantly feel the cool, refreshing feeling of the Hydrosol. I also really enjoyed the rose scent (roses are one of my most favorite scents). The moisturizing the Hydrosol provides also feels really good. My skin has been a little more irritated the past few days. I think it's due to not drinking as much and some cold weather we've had. However, after spraying this Rose Hydrosol on my face, my skin actually felt a bit better after just a few spritzes. And, I also really loved how the rose scent didn't disappear after drying. It's like aromatherapy right under my nose! And, anything that can help reduce redness of the skin is much appreciated in my book!

My Alchemy's Rose Hydrosol contains organic ingredients. And, it's cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified and contains no added toxic ingredients.

My Alchemy Skincare products would make a fun, pampering Valentine's gift for that special someone in your life (and for yourself). You can visit the My Alchemy website and find their Rose Hydrosol, as well as many other skincare products. Check them out and see all the wonderful products they have to offer your skin!

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My Alchemy Skincare Rose Hydrosol – Hydration & More In One Bottle

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