pampering your feet all year long

pampering your feet all year longWhen Summer ends, most people tuck away their sandals, flip flops, and open-toed shoes. We make room for Fall with boots, sneakers, clogs, etc. Sometimes when we switch to closed-toe shoes, we tend to neglect our feet. We may spend less time getting pedicures at the spa or painting our own nails at home, scrubbing away the dead skin cells on our heels. My Pampered Feet Towel has the perfect solution to help you take care of your feet no matter the time of the year.

What is My Pampered Feet Towel

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My Pampered Feet Towel is a 100% cotton towel especially designed to help you properly clean between your toes. It has 8 ultra-soft and super-absorbent polyester strips to place between your toes and get rid of hard-to-reach moisture.

When used daily, this one-of-a-kind towel helps prevent unwanted foot odor and fungal infections that can be caused if your toes are not properly dried.

Other Way To Pamper Your Feet

In addition to using My Pampered Feet Towel, there are additional ways that you can care for your feet including:

  • While bathing, do not forget to clean in between each of your toes. My Pampered Feet Organic Tea Tree Oil Soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help eliminate bacteria and fungus while being gentle to your skin.
  • Use a sugar scrub and a pumice stone to help remove calluses from your heel. My Pampered Feet has a Foot Brush and Pumice Stone that can help you scrub away those dead cells.
  • Wear the proper socks, natural socks (wool or cotton) to help with keeping moisture and bacteria at bay.
  • Moisturize properly and let your feet completely dry before putting on socks and shoes.

Are you neglecting your feet? What ways do you care for your feet during the Fall and Winter? My Pampered Feet Towel is easy to use, affordable, and will keep your feet smelling fresh all year long.

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