Pandemic Birthdays- How To Make Them Special For Your Loved Ones

Life in the new normal is completely different as you have to focus on safety before anything else. Whether you are at home or work, partying or hanging out, traveling or relaxing at home, staying safe from the virus should matter the most. The rule also applies to pandemic birthdays, as you cannot expect to indulge in hugging and kissing sessions. Big parties at crowded venues are passé for kids and adults. You need to be very careful about social distancing and virus safety, even as vaccines are here and the curve seems to be flatter.

Good planning is crucial, whether you want to arrange a birthday bash for your kid, spouse, or best friend. Thankfully, there are ways you can make the occasion special even amid the concerns of the virus. Genuine efforts and creative ideas can take you a long way. The best thing is that you need not spend a fortune to make a pandemic birthday special for your loved one. Here are some ideas you can try this year.

Schedule a virtual hang out with their favorite people 

Although vaccine rollouts are changing things for the better, the threat isn’t gone for good. New strains and resurgent waves are still the causes of apprehension. Following the rules is your best defense to avoid getting infected. It makes sense to have virtual celebrations for another year so that you and your loved ones can stay safe and healthy during the outbreak. Prepare a list of your loved one’s favorite people and invite them all for a virtual hangout. Make sure it is a surprise, so let your gang be a part of the plan. There are plenty of virtual party ideas you can explore if you want to make the event memorable. Prepare a playlist, stream a movie together, or play some group games virtually. Make it as much fun and exciting as you can!

Host a party outdoors

If your loved one isn’t keen on another virtual party this year, you can host a physical one for them. An outdoor event is a great idea because it lets you ensure social distancing. Moreover, there are fewer surfaces to touch, and you need not worry about indoor air quality. Just make sure you invite only as many guests as you can handle in your space. A socially distanced sitting arrangement is important to ensure safety measures. Follow extra precautions for food and drink hygiene. You only need to make proper preparations, and you can easily plan a safe outdoor celebration for your special someone this year.

Surprise them with a treasure hunt

Birthdays need not be about gathering a group of people for a grand celebration. You can plan something small and intimate with your family if you want to celebrate on a budget.  But it is still possible to create fond memories by surprising the birthday boy or girl with a treasure hunt. Start with a pretty bouquet of flowers and a PAPAYA greeting card the first thing they get up in the morning. Write a personalized birthday wish and give a clue to the next card or gift. Create a complete treasure hunt where one clue leads to another until they get the most exciting gift in the end. Pick something they want or anything that would make them happy.

Make it meaningful

Your loved one deserves special treatment on their big day. This year, think beyond celebrations and gifts and try to do something more meaningful for them. Pamper them with breakfast in bed, take them out for a drive, or simply give them a relaxing spa session at home. If you want to impress a little one, plan their day for full entertainment. Taking them to an amusement park isn’t the safest thing to do right now. But you can think outside the box and create a complete camping experience in your backyard. Put up a barbecue outdoors and cook their favorite stuff to make the day even more special for them. Invite a couple of friends but keep it a surprise until the last moment.

Do something for the community

The pandemic is a tough phase for everyone, and it is a good time to think beyond personal interests and celebrations. Helping people in need can make a difference. If the loved one shares the mindset, doing something for the community on their birthday will make them happy. You can plan to give away food to a charity or buy gifts for children at an orphanage. It is a good idea to take your kids along so that they can discover the joy of sharing and giving. The birthday will be memorable for them and the people you help with the unique initiative. 

Plan a road trip

If the special someone is a travel buff, planning a surprise road trip for them is a good idea for a fun-filled birthday. The travel restrictions aren’t still completely sorted, and flying is not the safest way to travel. Plan a short road trip near your place to party safely and without breaking the bank. You can even ask friends to join in to make the celebration more special. Choose a safe destination and research the travel regulations you have to follow before embarking. A camping trip is a good idea if they love the outdoors. You may even gift them a spa weekend at a wellness resort. Pack a birthday cake and have a celebratory meal ready to throw a surprise on the way. Don’t forget to take along the pandemic safety essentials because they are the need of the hour. 

Planning a pandemic birthday for a loved one requires creative thinking and thorough planning. But the effort is worthwhile as you make memories for a lifetime. Consider their interests and expectations, and plan a bash they would always cherish. You need not worry about making it grand and expensive. Just do your bit to make the day special for them, and they will remember it forever. 



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