What Do Paper Airplanes And Smartphones Have In Common?  Just You Wait Until You Find Out!  It's Amazing, To Say The Least

Way back when I was a little tike, I loved making paper airplanes.  I'm sure you've made one or two in your life.  I used to have contests with my cousins to see whose plane could fly the farthest.  Ok, it wasn't mine, but I had fun!  Well, when you combine the old paper airplanes with new technology, you get an amazing thing.  POWERUP Toys has combined the two and sent me their POWERUP 4.0: Flight Manual Bundle and since then, I've found a new favorite toy.

This bundle comes with everything that's needed to get you up and flying.  You will be using your smartphone as your “controller” and let me just say, they've made it easy.  I have no technology talent whatsoever and to be honest, I was intimidated by the whole process.  However, once I sat down and read the instructions and started folding and cutting, it came together pretty nicely.

What's In The Airplanes Bundle

Well, I'm glad you asked!  This specific bundle includes lots of goodies!  You'll receive a 56-page booklet of instructions for 10 unique designs, 10X Japanese paper airplane templates (all with dotted and solid lines for folding and cutting instructions), 2X Waterproof airplane templates for flying at night, and even a desk stand to show off your POWERUP 4.0 airplane.  As I mentioned, you literally have everything!  Oh, I guess you will need scissors and fingers to fold.  I guess you could run to the store for those (haha).  I almost forgot the most important part of the plane!  You also receive the POWERUP 4.0 smart module, 4 printed templates, instructions for the invader design, spare propellers set, a crossbar, micro USB charging cable, a trim jig, and the quick start guide.

Was It Hard To Put Together

Let me tell you that I was so scared!  However, the app that you download helped me so much.  It comes with every video you can imagine to teach you whatever you need to lookup.  I watched everything he did, even though I had the lines to follow on the template.  I wanted to make sure I didn't mess anything up.  Oh, I was wrong before, because you also need tape.  Oops, I'm sorry about that!  It was literally as easy as folding paper and using tape.  It's kind of like wrapping a present, but this one can fly.

Speaking of presents, this would make a great last-minute gift.  If you're interested, simply click on any of the links to take you to their website.  I can't promise you'll get it before Christmas, but it's worth the wait.

So, how did my airplane fly?  Well, for some silly reason I thought I could fly it inside.  I'm sure you could if you have an open type of home that has lots of room, but I don't.  So I took it outside and let it go.  I was jumping up and down when it first took off because I built this!  I'm so proud of myself for putting it all together.  I folded it, taped it, charged it, and flew it.  Whew.

Happy Safe Holidays from our families to yours!

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