I want to introduce you to an awesome company with awesome products. PaperlessKitchen is  a company that offers the lastest environmentally friendly kitchen products.
 I had the opportunity to try out the branded Paperless Kitchen SKOY cloths I was pretty excited. SKOY advertises that you can use one of its green cleaning cloths so many times that each one has the cleaning power of 15 rolls of paper towels.
SKOY cloths are made from a blend of cotton and cellulose and are completely biodegradable. Unlike a paper towel, a fresh SKOY cloth is stiff and flat

While long-term steps to permanently reduce pollution and protect our natural resources require large efforts on a global scale, each of us can play a part in saving our planet by making small changes in our home and work environments.

“Skoy” is a swedish word, it means “Just for fun”.  The girls at skoy had so much fun creating this product and providing a fun way to clean your kitchen with fun designs whilst taking care of the earth at the same time.

You can wash skoy clothes in the washer and dryer, they work just as good after, they still absorb just as much water and your left with a wet-free kitchen!

Skoy paperless cloths absorb upto 15x their own weight and each cloth outlasts about 15 rolls of paper towels!

Each cloth is durable, washer and dryer safe and can be used over and over again. Skoy paperless cloths are a European made product that are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, natural and have original artwork designs to make cleaning more pretty and fun!

The clothes easily bend and fold similarly to the washcloths we typically clean with. They are fairly stiff, but soften once wet. The not so great part is when I wash them in the washing machine and lay them out to air dry, they are super stiff upon using them again.

Paperless Kitchen is more than just a store–it's a commitment to protecting our planet by making small changes that add up to a big difference for the health of the environment. Our mission is to provide you with the paper towel alternatives, paper plate replacements and alternatives to plastic silverware and cooking utensils that you need to stop using paper in your kitchen.

The eco-friendly line of kitchen products that we carry helps to reduce the waste produced by your household and can help limit your family's exposure to harmful chemicals. We are continuously updating our inventory to include the latest and greatest green cleaning supplies and environmentally-friendly kitchen products. Our inventory features some of the biggest brand names in green living, including eCloth, Bambu, Full Circle Toockies and People Towels.

Whether you're looking for organic cotton towels or bamboo cooking utensils, Paperless Kitchen has the items that you need to reduce your environmental footprint. If you're just starting to explore ways to green your home and make a difference for the planet, our website can help inspire you with green living ideas. From browsing our inventory and reading our informative blog, you'll discover simple ways that you can eliminate paper from your kitchen and enjoy the benefits of chemical-free cleaning.

If you're committed to preserving our planet for generations to come, you can start by establishing a paperless kitchen with the affordable eco-friendly kitchen products found at Visit our website today!


To connect more with the company you can do so here.


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