Theres so many great memory's of my parents , and then there's those 2 days we all hate. 3/16/94 and 3/7/96 the day God took the two of you from us. Still seems like a dream even knowing daddy's going to be gone 10 years and mommy gone 8. My parents were the most loved and respected parents by any and all people who knew them or met them. My in-laws adored the 2 of them . They were the ideal couple together since my mom was young and married when mommy was 18 and daddy turned 20 the day before, always looked in love. Daddy was a joke when it came to playing games , he and my sister and myself would get into playing spades omg he would get so pissed off if we would underbid, and he and Uncle Joe would get into it playing dominos there would be things flying off the table. And him and my Aunt would team up to play taboo and crack up the whole time, one time he made the woody woodpecker noise and we all ended up laughing so hard. Or when my sisters and I were young he would sit outside our bedroom doors and sing us to sleep, I love those memory's.

Mommy was the best cook from making her home-made cookies with Aunt Bonnie to her pot roast, she had dinner on the table when daddy came home from work, and was always happy to see him. I never seen them really fight , they loved each other too much. I still think if was mommy who had passed first daddy wouldn't have wanted to be here , he was a strong person dont get me wrong , but he needed mommy.

The love they showed us is ever lasting and I only wish to have that love for someone. daddy's my hero and mommys my angel I miss you and Love you both so so much, not a day goes by that im not missing you .

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