Parents No Longer Have To Worry About Losing Socks

Parents And Kids Will Love These Mismatched Socks

How many times have you lost socks in the dryer because of that “dryer troll” that lives in there?  Once you close the dryer door, you can assume you will only get one back.  Pals Socks has built on that idea!  No longer do kids have to worry about their unmatched socks because all of them are different.  They're the cutest, softest socks your kids will love and they can choose to wear any two that they want.

The idea of Pals Socks is that it's ok to be different.  Two socks don't have to be the same and neither do friends.  You can look completely different and even disagree on things.  For example, one sock is a gorilla and one is a lizard.  These two would never be “considered” friends, however, they can still love each other and become mates!  I've never encountered clothing that could teach lessons to our children, have you?  What a great eye-opening example and, as a matter of fact, their phrase (on the packaging) reads “Even if we don't match, let's be pals”.  We could all certainly learn from this company!

Parents No Longer Have To Worry About Losing Socks

My Granddaughter Absolutely Loved These Socks

My granddaughter was so excited to try out these socks and she was even happier to see that there were three pair!  She happily modeled for my pictures and said they were very comfortable.  Of course, she is at the age of understanding what the socks stand for, but even if you have a little one, they will enjoy the bright colors and faces.  Parents will love that they have no-skid grips for our toddlers just learning to walk and they're made with thick material to prevent holes.  As a matter of fact, Pals guarantees hole-free socks forever, or they replace them for free!  What more could you ask for in a sock?

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Parents No Longer Have To Worry About Losing Socks

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