Recently I had received  Pascha chocolate. My husband and son love dark chocolate. Their chocolate is very yummy and pure tasting. Pascha chocolate bars are a guilt free candy that you can indulge their sweet tooth with a wink towards their health. These chocolates are great for people with allergies. In addition to using pure, minimalist recipes, the company facility is clear of major allergy triggers including peanuts, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, sesame, and rice. Each irresistible offering is certified organic, fair trade, kosher, vegan, non-GMO verified.
Whether paired with wine or nibbled on its own, chocolate is meant to be shared in numerous ways regardless of the season or occasion. For the foodie whose birthday is approaching quick, the Organic Dark Chocolate with Goldenberries is a unique treat she won't be able to resist. This 55% Cacao bar is imbued with a sweet yet tart super fruit found in the Andes Mountains. Make the gift complete by including a juicy book she can enjoy while relishing the smooth flavors of this delectable bar.

While some say chocolate is a necessity and others claim it's a luxury, everyone can agree it's an experience that should besavored. Both intense and yet heavenly, their 85% Cacao bar will send anyone's taste buds on a rollicking ride to Nirvana. For a gift set that is as delicious as it is useful, pair this dark and moody bar with a small bag of their favorite coffee blend and an artfully textured mug. For more information click here.


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