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I love wearing scarves and accessories with my outfits. I feel that accessories add the final touch to the look that I want to achieve. I am a classy girl and I love looks that are also bold and have dimension. But I also love accessories that can be paired with most of the things in my wardrobe. I don’t mind getting a unique piece if I really love it. Those unique pieces I would wear for special occassions. I’ve come across Passion Lilie, and they represent who I want to be.

Fair Trade and Environmentally Friendly

I really love this company, because Passion Lilie is truly unique in its mission. Passion Lilie is a fair trade and environmentally friendly brand, that makes apparels to truly give back the choice, dignity, influence and success to artisans all over the world. Passion Lilie does this by creating employment opportunities that do not exploit, harass, manipulate, or take advantage of its workers. With work satisfaction, fair wages, and most importantly safe and healthy working conditions, the company is able to create long term employment to these artisans in India. Thus, the jobs created, make the societies these artisans live in,  more productive, self sustainable, and better. Passion Lilie only uses eco-friendly materials in their supply chain. They aim to preserve the artistic talents of their crafts people.


I love a company that works in an ethical fashion. If only all companies had such a heart then the good would work its way around the globe. I know that when I buy these ethical garments from Passion Lilie, then I am helping to reverse the cycle of poverty and improve the world. They create beautiful fashion, that empower women. For women, they offer dresses, tops, bottoms, scarves, sarongs, and headbands. They also offer very handsome, fair trade button down shirts for men. Other useful things they offer are totes, napkins, and greeting cards.

I really love their black and gold collection. The prints are truly fun, quirky, and inspiring. My favorite piece aside from this collection, is the black and white key scarf. It’s one of the best sellers they have, because it is a light weight cotton winter scarf. It is definitely ethically made and hand block printed with a Greek key design on the border. The border is my favorite part of the scarf, because it’s so abstract I can look at it for hours.The scarf measures seventy five inches long, and twenty-two inches wide. It is designed in New Orleans, but made in India. It is pure cotton.

I feel good, when I know that if I by from Passion Lilie, I help provide a secure job with fair wages. As well as a positive working environment to artisans in India. The products made are organic, pesticide-free, non GMO cotton, and the dyes are ago-free, organic, and natural.

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