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We all love to try out new things , well recently I was given the chance to try out these new products called Pasta Chips, they are so good and taste just like you are eating pasta. And my nephew loved them it was a little hard to taste any of them because he took them for his self, it was fine with me , if he likes them he can have them

I was given all 5 flavors to review and I had a hard time deciding what ones I liked more.

The sea salt ones are oven baked and with just the slightest touch of salt, they also have a buttery. cheesy flavor to them which I loved and so did my nephew.

Alfredo I simply loved these they are a taste of heaven, I felt like I was actually eating an italian dinner. They tasted like alfredo really cheesy . And I got more than a couple of these he shared with me . Its like your eating in Italy.

Spicy tomato herb is just a little to spicy for me , my husband and nephew loved them, If you are a person who loves spicy food this is good for you , tomato and a touch of spicy herbs and your good to go.

Marinera  is like your eating some tomato sauce with the right amount of herbs and sauce it makes you want to dip bread into it. I loved these couldn't get enough of them .

A the last ones are the Garlic and Olive oil theres are mine I actually hid them figured Aunt Nancy deserved one bag lol, The taste was anything out of this world . Not a big over taste of garlic and it was well blended with the olive oil. The best ones hand down. check out these recipes!
If you like oven baked flavorful chips, you'll love these.
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The nice people at pasta chips has agreed to give three of my lucky readers a chance to win some for them selves. All 5 bags  all you have to do is enter below and good luck


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  1. I’d love to try theses Pasta Chips! Thanks for the chance!

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