Pasta. Macaroni. Spaghetti.  Whatever it is that you choose to call it, I love it.  I eat it a lot.  What good is pasta without pasta sauce though? I am from a big Italian family and we make our own sauce.  Here is a little bit of a secret I will share – I don't always have the time to make the sauce the way it should be made, so I will go to the jar sauce in a pinch.  Now here is the thing – I HATE jarred sauce.  I stand in the supermarket aisle looking at all the sauces and they all have so much sugar in them which to me totally ruins the sauce because I cannot stand a sweet sauce. It is so hard to find a sauce I can trust when I want something quick.  You cannot make homemade sauce quick!

Now I do not have to waste my time reading labels thanks to Galassi Pasta Sauce.  It is made with only a few ingredients and none of them are sugar.  It is the next best thing to my own sauce.  No funny taste, not sweet, and it comes in four different varieties – traditional (above), tomato basil, mushroom, and Parmesan.   I love mushrooms so really excited about that one!  GMO free, gluten free, and all natural.  What more could you ask for?

Another thing that I love this for is when I make mozzarella sticks or bread sticks – am I going to make a whole pot of sauce just to dip some stuff in?  Noooooooo.   I would settle for the jarred sauces that I was not fond of just because I had no choice and  just wanted to have sauce to dip the mozzarella sticks or bread sticks into.  This makes it much more enjoyable because it tastes great and again, does not have any of the sugar added or the other questionable ingredients I would see on other labels.

Check out Galassi Pasta Sauce for yourself  and see all their varieties and where you can get them for yourself.  You may never have to make homemade sauce again!!

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