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I always think about how I can make my house cuter. What always makes me ponder the most is the white walls all over my home. I really would like to beautify them some how. But I am not so much a designer so I need all the help I can get. Then I heard about the cutest sheets. Pasted Paper, has sheets that will literally design your walls and do all the hard work for you. I always wanted wall paper that was very easy to use and apply on my walls.

Sheets the are Pre-Pasted for Convenience

Years ago, my family had to use huge rolls of wall paper that took so much precision and preplanning to apply on the walls. And sometimes after all the effort, it still didn’t look right.

With Pasted Paper, it is basically fool proof. To use Paster Paper, you would only need to submerge it in water and position it on your wall. By submerging it, you would activate the adhesiveness of the back. It is easy to apply on the wall and reposition in case you apply it a little crooked.

Lovely Design Choices

Pasted Paper has such a a beautiful collection of designer printed sheets. Because they are pre-pasted wall paper sheets, you can do your own section of wall by yourself on a Sunday morning. Looking at their website, you will see a beautiful selection for every taste. I really love the Acanthus Beige. It’s so artful and reminds me of a beautiful wedding dress. You can get a set of eight sheets for $49. The paper is chlorine free which is prefect, because I do not want any fading through the years. Also, each paper is responsibly sourced fiber.

Find out more about wall paper at Pasted Paper / Facebook / Instagram

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