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Pastel Cookware

Pastel Cookware

This pastel cookware is just he cutest and goes just nicely with my kitchen decor. My little one just loves the elephant bowl and uses it for every meal and for everything she eats. She likes to play tea party with it and even has a stuffed elephant who this bowl is especially for. No one and no other stuffed animal or doll is allowed to eat out of this bowl. Sometimes she even take the bigger bowl and uses it also. She is enamored of the pastel colors and how cute and pretty this items are. I actually love the measuring spoons so much they have a prominent place in my kitchen where I can see them and get to them easily. I plan on buying more items from this brand. I just love it.

I really like that each measuring spoon is a different color. Once I get used to what measurement each color is it will be easier. All I have to do is look to see the color and know it is the measurement that I need instead of taking the time to actually look and see what the measurement is. I really like that. The bowl is just the right size for a salad or some dessert. I can’t stop talking about this brand and these items. I will definitely go online and get more of this brand just as soon as I can. I know exactly what I am getting next. I saw some of their glasses that I really like. I may end up spending more than I had intended because I really want those glasses. I have decided to redecorate my kitchen and these colors just go so well with the colors that I picked out for my kitchen. I can’t wait for my new kitchen to be done.

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