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A large percentage of fatal road accidents happen due to collisions with heavier vehicles. While several car manufacturers today ensure that basic crashworthiness of their product, it is acknowledged that such features of the Volvo are par excellence. Volvo's Research Center is in the forefront of a car safety revolution that is driving the market and forcing other car manufacturers to build safety devices into their cars.

Frontal Crashes

Volvo tests frontal crashworthiness by recreating real-world frontal car crashes. These tests are done to ensure that Frontal configurations are built to withstand frontal deformations and to incorporate elements and components that will prevent injury to occupants of the car during an unavoidable frontal crash.

Side Impact

Research on side-impact worthiness of Volvo cars indicates that high riding vehicles like SUV's and pickups are high risk to other types of passenger vehicles they hit. The results also point out that, women more than men are affected when a vehicle is hit from the side. The moving barrier was developed to test the effects of a side impact. The barrier has characteristics of an SUV or pickup truck and the results of the impact are recorded to enable the vehicle safety design team effective guards against impacts of this kind.

Seat and Head Restraints Tests

Seat and head restraints tests on Volvo vehicles are conducted at the Volvo Research Center simulation shed. The whiplash injuries that result from rear crashes are also examined and appropriate safety measure are designed and built into the vehicles. Rear impact simulation tests are also conducted to ensure that safety is in no way compromised when the vehicle is hit from the rear end.

Bumper Tests

Low speed bumper tests are undertaken to find out how bumpers resist or bear up during a crash. Volvo bumper test results are compared with the test results of bumper tests on other vehicles. The best features of various passenger vehicle bumper designs are taken into consideration while designing the Volvo bumper. Volvo is also working with international groups of insurers to refine the bumper testing procedures.

Crashworthiness tests also take into account the incompatibility and design differences in various types of cars that may be involved in a crash. The geometric mismatch between models is considered and provided for in the final design of the Volvo car. This considerably reduces risk to the occupant. But at the end of the day, drivers need to follow traffic rules and drive responsibly in order to be safe.

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