Paws included: finding a home suitable for your pets

Moving house can help you to find somewhere a lot nicer to live, or even help you to cut down on your bills. While the process of doing so can be difficult for adults, it can also put a lot of stress on your pets, especially if they have lived in your current home for the majority, or all, of their lives. Due to this, you may want to consider thinking about their needs when you look for a new home, so that everyone can be happy.

Speak to your real estate broker

A real estate broker will be able to listen to your requirements and help you with finding a home that both you and your pets will enjoy living in. They may also have some experience of trying to move home with animals in tow. This may mean that they are able to offer you tailored advice and make things a lot easier on your pet. This could include offering insights into the property itself, or even how to make the day of the move significantly less stressful for your pets.

Due to your pets being important members of the family, you will need to make sure your real estate broker is right for their needs. Checking online to reassure yourself about the company and their reputation can be key. Rather than wondering ‘is Compass realty in trouble?’, It can be more reassuring to find out for yourself to build that trust.

Consider the building safety

If you want to buy a home or an apartment that has a balcony, you may need to consider the dangers this can bring to pets. Many adult dogs may not be likely to jump off a balcony. However, puppies, senior dogs, or even those that are easily spooked may slip or fall. In addition to this, a dog shouldn’t be left on the balcony for a prolonged period, or even unattended, especially if no one is home. Even windows that are open wide could lead to injury, or even the death of a pet. Therefore, this may be something you want to factor in when you look for your new home.

Don’t forget about the exterior of a home

Some animals, such as cats or dogs, may enjoy spending time in the yard attached to your home. As with the inside of the building, there can be some dangers you may not think of outdoors. Many people like to put safety precautions in place to prevent pools or ponds in a garden from becoming an issue. This might involve installing fences or barriers. However, some of the flora found in your backyard could also pose a hazard. Some plants can be seriously toxic or poisonous to pets and, sometimes, humans. You may want to educate yourself on these and either not buy a home where they are present, or make removing them one of your first priorities.

Many people find that a house isn’t a home without pets present. If you want to move home in the near future, you may want to think about your furry friends and what could bring them even more enjoyment.

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