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I am a sucker for commemorating memories and preserving them. Holding onto special keepsake items that brings back certain feelings. The rush of the smell, feeling, sight, and taste of a certain experience. Gripping on a great point in time is what I like to do! Sometimes I am as cheesy as keeping a receipt of the entrance fee or food I bought from a place. Then I like to write something cute on it, like, “first date.” What is more fun is when I can find a company who shares the same type of nostalgia like I do. There is the company, Peace of Stage, who is a true collector! They know what to collect and how to make it special for the true super fan.


Peace of Stage really amazes me, because they preserved plywood that was manufactured in the late 1960s. This plywood was also associated with the construction of the stage from that awesome Rock N Roll festival, the Woodstock back in 1969!

The plywoods used to make the Peace of Stage pendant is inspected and examined to verify where they were manufactured and the type of species of wood used. The wood is a Douglas-fir. Authentication papers are sent along with this limited edition pendant to prove the cellular structure that it is indeed Douglas-fir.

Authenticated-Woodstock Stage

The authentication also shows stamps that mark when the plywood was first initiated. There is also a picture of the Woodstock stage showing the same stamps on the plywood. The thickness of the plywood and the glue is also examined.

Then an actual certificate of Authenticity is provided. It says that the pendant is the same as the one in the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair. A time that occurred through the dates August 15 through 17 of 1969. That means when these pieces are sold, that is all they have and there will be no more of its kind.

Any avid collector, especially a Rock N Roll fan, would be so proud to have a piece of history developed in such a fun way, such as the Peace of Stage Pendant– necklace.

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