Everyday is a holiday with peeps minis. They have come out with new peeps minis in different flavors. Now you do not have to wait for a holiday to get some of our favorite treats. They come in three new delicious flavors. Strawberry crime, chocolate crepe and sour watermelon. Perfect to satisfy various flavor preferences.
Peeps minis chicks are 14 calories each and are gluten free and fat free. Snack at home or on the to with the convenient reseda label peeps minis bag so you can always have your peeps.
Peeps minis can be found nationwide and year round in the candy isle  for the SRP of $3.99, at peeps and company retail stores or online at

Peeps minis are produced in the USA in a landfill free facility by just born quality confections, the makers of mike and Ike, hot tamales & goldenberg's peanut chews candies.
This is a great new addition to our old time favorite candy peeps. Some of us love them right from the bag. I know I like them after they Sita day or two. Any way you like them, now you can eat them all year round. For more information click here.



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