There has been a lot of buzz around PEMF, or more elaborately, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy lately! And for all the right reasons! This therapy has come to the forefront of medical care like a knight in shining armor, proving its supremacy and strength everywhere it goes! This therapy is a great advancement in medical science and has become the nucleus of research with respect to its effectiveness in curing illnesses. The good news is a lot of studies have already backed the amazing potential of PEMF therapy in curing various illnesses. And today, we at will discuss one of such a hundred diseases that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy helps with: reduction of prostate volume and improvement of urinary tract symptoms.

Well, be sure that this therapy is completely safe, as it works by using electromagnetic waves in a way that doesn't harm your body at all. This is important to mention because many people get superconscious (and rightly so) when it comes to urinary tract infections or anything concerning their genitals. The genitals are sensitive organs, and you should be doubly sure before trying out anything related to them. And in the case of PEMF therapy, you can be a hundred times sure, trust us!



As with other diseases, PEMF therapy has shown to be effective in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH. BPH is actually an age-related disease that occurs particularly in men. BPH is primarily characterized by the enlargement of the prostate gland, leading to an overall increase in prostate volume. The secondary effects of this disease include symptoms of urinary tract infection, including burning and inflammation in the genitals and urgency in urination. These symptoms, if they stay for longer periods of time, may eventually lead to bladder, urinary tract, or kidney damage. Not only this, but BPH may also cause sexual dysfunction, which can be troublesome for many males. Therefore, BPH can be a cause of severe discomfort and distress (physically as well as emotionally) for its sufferers. The conventional method for treating BPH is by using drugs, but the effects of drugs in such diseases as BPH are not very long-lasting and may even cause negative side effects to the body. The other treatment option for BPH is surgeries, but again, a lot of caution has to be performed before opting for surgery.

With all of the potential hazards of drugs and surgeries on BPH, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has emerged as a safe and healthy alternative for treating it. Not only is PEMF a non-invasive treatment option, but it is also much more long-lasting and wholesome.



Two studies have been performed to date to assess the effectiveness of PEMF therapy in the treatment of BPH and its related symptoms. One was carried out in 2011 and the other in 2017. Needless to say, both of them have yielded positive results. Recently, a university in Rome also collaborated with The Parsemus Foundation, and they simulated the previously done experiments, which resulted in a 5.4% decrease in prostate size as well as considerable improvement in UTI symptoms.


The exact mechanism of how PEMF benefits BPH patients is not clear. However, the basic mechanism is that PEMF therapy produces an electromagnetic field that promotes tissue regeneration, thereby reducing inflammation and consequently leading to healing.


Final Word

PEMF therapy is indeed very beneficial for the treatment of prostate enlargement and symptoms of UTI associated with BPH. However, it shouldn't be used by people who have prostate cancer or suspect they have prostate cancer.

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