Recently I received the penguin air purifier by Crane. This air purifier is so adorable. No more bulky ugly machines in your kids room, playroom.  This air purifier not only is cute but it is also very quiet. They make this in two other styles, a shark and a frog. I like the fact that it has a tip over switch feature that when it tips over its sensor automatically shuts it off for safety.  This cute penguin helps remove airborne particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke. I have two dogs and I am allergic to the pet dander. No matter how much you clean there's always dander in the house. This helps me out from getting irritated. The purifier also neutralizes harmful fumes and common household odors from tobacco , pets cooking, garbage, and cooking.


I am not sure about anyone else's house but, in mine we have the vents in the ceilings for the central air but they are not hooked up to a fan yet. So when we cook the fumes go right through the vents to my upstairs rooms. Which having this cute penguin air purifier helps clean the air and get rid of the unwanted food smell. It has a germicidal uv light that targets viruses and bacteria.
This air purifier also has a 5 level filtration system to deliver germ free, fresh air. True heap filter system capture up to 99.97% of airborne duct and pollen. Has an easy to change filter. 3 speed control with low noise setting for continuous, quiet operation. Great for nurseries. For more information click here.


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