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Always take care of your mind body and soul first. Use products that make you feel good about yourself without compromising your integrity. Adults need to start taking care of themselves as they say eighteen years old is the end of puberty and decay process slowly begins. What can help with feeling achy and tired is using Penn’s Choice. I like them, because they are a wonderful family of hemp farmers who create very valuable CBD goods to take the edge off of all those annoying pain issues.

Hemp Locally Grown in Pennsylvania

Penn’s Choice is hemp grown in Pennsylvania with farmers that offer the full spectrum and top shelf CBD products. Their prices are decent and the goal is to bring comfort and healing to others. I enjoy their products, because I know that they use simple and pure ingredients. Going natural for me is the best policy, because I don’t care for too much processed goods. Penn’s Choice is grown locally with a lot of effort in caring for their crops and is fully seed to sale.

Full Spectrum

You know where your CBD is coming from and you can trust that the product is created what it is intended for. Penn’s Choice uses the entire plant to create a more homogenous effect in reaping the benefits of CBD. Of course, the THC level is never past 0.3%, so you can rest assure. I was soaking my legs in the lavender CBD bath bomb the other day and I felt so relaxed. For me, it is surely the way to unwind after standing all day at work.

Bath Bombs and Salve

Penn’s Choice has the Lavender Bath Bomb and the Eucalyptus Bath Bombs which you can buy as a bundle or as in a gift box. I love them, because they are so fragrant and make me feel like melted butter. Both are full spectrum with 65 mg of CBD. Using them is fairly easy, because you run it in a warm bath and just get in. The ingredients are perfectly safe and natural. The bath bombs contain CBD hemp infused coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, epsom salt, beautiful dried lavender petals and lavender oil. Or eucalyptus oil if using that bath bomb.

Then there is the CBD salve. In a very nice dark one ounce jar, you can grab a dab of salve and rub on your elbows or wrists, or wherever it hurts. For me, I always put some on my forearm and the full spectrum salve brings me much needed relief. It is made with therapeutic grade essential oils and whole plant flower. My husband enjoys a good back rub, so I use the salve on him, and he stops complaining immediately. It is very smooth and smells really nice.

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