The Perfect App To Keep Toddler Hands Busy This Holiday Season

Rest easy, harried, super busy parents who don't know what to do with your kids when you have lots to do, such as during this lightning-speed time of year. I've got the perfect app to keep toddler hands busy this holiday season.

Developer, The Melody Book, is super-excited about their new iOS app, Big City Vehicles: Cars and Trucks for Kids,  that is now available on the iTunes app store. And, with the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to download this beauty to keep your toddlers engaged and out of your hair while you shop, bake, clean, plan, entertain or otherwise get through this busy time of year with your sanity intact.

The app is designed for kids ages 1-4 and will help them explore big city life, even if you live in a smaller, more rural area. Pictured above is the main landing page when you click the app icon to load the game. Right away, here is something that is unique to big city living that parents can explain to their children. See those high-rise buildings there? Not many small children will have seen those before, so parents can immediately give kids a lesson in city living by explaining all about how these large buildings contain homes, hotels, apartments, stores and business offices.

Big City Vehicles - The Melody Book AppThe game consists of just three levels; the street, the sky and the subway. And, best of all, absolutely no skill is required to maneuver through the game. The vehicles will pass the screen automatically. Your child will get to see lots of fun and interesting modes of transportation such as cars, buses, emergency vehicles, two-wheeled options like a motorcycle and scooter, farm equipment, maintenance vehicles like a garbage truck, and an ice cream truck.

Big City Vehicles - The Melody Book AppTouch the screen on a vehicle when they pass by and kids are rewarded with either a fun sound or (for some vehicles) a minigame. For example, when they tap on the fire truck, the screen will scroll up to show the buildings, with a fire burning on one of the windows. Kids tap to dispense water from the fire hose to put out the fire. After a few taps, the fire's out, they win and then celebratory music plays while confetti floats down from the sky. So fun!

Big City Vehicles - The Melody Book App

Tapping on the garbage truck opens a minigame where kids tap and drag trash to the trash can. Once the trash is all picked up, the trash receptacle can be emptied into the rear of the garbage truck. The ambulance has a minigame that involves helping to treat a patient. Kids will love this feature!!!

Click the green arrow in the upper right hand corner of the screen to be transported to the sky level. Here can be found a hot air balloon, a helicopter and an airplane. Same principle applies, tap the vehicles to discover fun stuff.

Big City Vehicles - The Melody Book AppSee those fun balloons floating up into the sky? Anywhere in the app you see them you can tap on them to pop them. It makes a very satisfying popping sound. It's better than popping the bubble wrap when you get a package in the mail. I think I spent more time popping the balloons than anything else while I was checking out the app. :0)

Big City Vehicles - The Melody Book AppAfter you've explored the sky to your heart's content, tap the green down arrow to go back to street level. Then tap the down arrow again to go underground to the subway platform. No mini games down there that I found, but some fun stuff happens when you click on the characters and the subway train.

Big City Vehicles - The Melody Book AppBig City Vehicles is full of games, surprises and fun educational tasks that are aimed at developing kids' creativity and problem solving skills.

It is important to developer, The Melody Book, that their apps also be able to utilize the newest Apple technology available. To that end, this app is compatible with the Apple iWatch which works just like a remote control. Users can select which vehicles to display and also turn the music on or off, for those times that quiet is necessary.

Big City Vehicles - The Melody Book AppAccess the Parent's Page by entering a simple code to find more information about other products from The Melody Book.

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Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of this app was received to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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