Capresso Milk Frother

Living in the Midwest gives us many chilly nights. One of our family traditions is to end a chilly day with a cup of hot cocoa before bed.  The Capresso automatic milk frother can make us a hot cup of hot cocoa without the worry of burning the milk. It's very simple to use.

CapressoSince I'm warming the milk, I can use 12 ounces plus my cocoa mix. I prefer to mix the milk and cocoa in the cup then pour the mixture into the Capresso milk frother. If your cocoa mixture is lumpy don't worry, the lumps will work their way out when milk is warming.

The Capresso is very simple to use. There are two different discs – one is for frothing and the other for warming. Since I am making hot cocoa is insert the warming disc before I pour the mixture in.

Capresso Milk FrotherThen I just put the lid on and press the warm button. Since I'm making hot cocoa for a 6-year-old I only make it warm. But if I were to making it for myself I'd use hot. Or if I was making a cappuccino, I would use the frothing disc and the hot button.

It only takes a few minutes for the milk to reach the perfect hot cocoa temperature for little ones. My daughter loves to watch the milk swirl around as it's heating up. And when the Capresso has reached the perfect temperature the machine shuts itself off. No need to watch it while it warms. You are free to prepare a snack or even put away the dishes.

Hot Chocolate by CapressoAnd clean up is a snap! Simply use a mild soapy warm water solution to clean out the pitcher after you're done using it. I suggest doing this as soon as possible. As the milk dries it becomes harder to clean. So a few seconds of cleaning after use will save you a ton of time later.

You can purchase the Capresso Milk Frother online or at your local retailer.



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