We are always looking for that, a special cut of steak that will make your mouth drool. We grew up eating steak; my mom had a day where we would have a great steak. Looking for one in the stores takes time and finding the perfect ones is endless. Until I found the Steak Source, we can now get steaks and more delivered to the house. I know what your thinking, they will be bad when we get them. Actually no they are shipped for next day delivery and come with an ice chest, where there are ice packets to keep your meat nice and cold.

The Steak Source ® offers the finest USDA Prime Steaks shipped to any address in the United States, including the highest quality Portion Cut USDA Prime Steaks and a Dry Aged Collection. The Steak Source is the #1 source on the web for the highest quality steaks shipping nationwide!

The Steak Source provides options for Dry Aged Steaks in many steak cuts, including NY Strip Steaks, Porterhouse Steaks, KC Strip Steaks, Cowboy Steaks, Ribeye Steaks and Long-Bone Tomahawk Steaks. In addition to our complete Dry Aged collection, The Steak Source offers the very popular Filet Mignon Steak cut that is the most tender cut of steak available on the site. The Steak Source also ships 1946 Blend Burgers and 1946 Blend Ground Beef, an exclusive and award-winning meat blend that is made of Prime Aged Rib Cap, Boneless Short Ribs, Wagyu Briskets and Angus Chuck.

As you see from the picture, the steak came great, and you can keep them in the fridge to up to days, any longer freeze them.  These the three choices I wanted, and the best tasting steaks we have had in a long time. Not only are the cuts just right, but they also come off the grill so tender and juicy.


The  New York Strip


Whether you’re eating at a restaurant in Los Angeles or Miami, London or Copenhagen the New York Strip is featured on menus worldwide. The second you take a bite from one of our hand selected, well trimmed, abundantly marbled boneless strip steaks you will know for sure how this steak got it’s reputation. Our New Yorks are wet aged to optimal conditions before our expert butchers carve each steak to perfection. A thin layer of the fat cap is left on each steak so that the flavors meld with the juices creating an experience that only a prime steak can deliver.


Porterhouse Steaks, USDA Prime, Dry Aged



When you are biting into a piece of USDA Prime Porterhouse steak you will most likely be thinking “this is the best steak I’ve ever had,” and you would probably be right. What if we told you that there was an even better Porterhouse available? Most of the time if you hear something like this it’s too good to be true, but the USDA Prime Dry Aged Porterhouse is the exception to the rule. Treat yourself to a “Steak-cation.”  Order a few of these amazingly flavorful, incredibly marbled Porterhouses from The Steak Source and you’ll have the whole family wondering when you attended culinary school. The dry aging process in a Dry-Aging Chamber elevates this beautiful piece of USDA Prime beef and introduces different flavor properties that make this steak a cut above the rest.


Skirt Steak, USDA Prime


Where the Flat Iron Steak only started getting butchered recently, the same cannot be said for the Skirt. Situated along the bottom of the animal, the Skirt Steak is the diaphragm. Although it has always been butchered, it didn’t always have the mass appeal that it has recently garnered. It was thought to be less desirable than a Ribeye or a Porterhouse and only in the last decade or two has it risen to prominence. In many grocery stores it will not only be priced more expensive than the so-called “classic” cuts, but it will also outnumber the other steaks in the case sometimes 2 to 1. This gives you an idea of how popular it is now, and the reason for this is simple….FLAVOR! That is the hallmark of the Skirt.


Besides steaks, they have pork chops, lamb chops, chopped meat and hamburgers and so many other choices.

Did You Know:

  1. The Steak Source cuts all of our steaks in-house. Many internet steak brands simply repackage the meats that have been cut by other companies with their branding. Not at The Steak Source! This means that we can offer you more competitive pricing and a much higher standard of quality.
  2. The Steak Source is a subsidiary of Main Street Wholesale Meats, provider of steaks to the finest restaurants, hotels and country clubs in New York, and you’ll be cooking with the same meats that the most renowned chefs cook with.
  3. The Steak Source has three Dry Aging Rooms and a vast selection of USDA Prime Steaks. Once you cook Dry Aged USDA Prime Steaks for your loved ones, everyone will notice the superior quality.
  4. The Steak Source offers Portion Cut Steaks for an absolutely perfect cut.

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