Animals! I love them!!  We all know an animal lover or two.  I love both cats and dogs and have one of each.  If I could, I would have a houseful! What a better way to give a gift for Valentine’s Day than to give your animal lover a custom made piece of jewelry from Nair & Bjorn.

Nair & Bjorn makes custom handmade jewelry that any animal lover will adore.  The above bracelet shows dogs, but you can customize it for cats or even a specific breed if you prefer.

I think the best part of getting something from Nair & Bjorn is the fact that they donate a percentage of their sales to several no-kill shelters.  How awesome is that?  Getting a gift for the animal lover in your life, something unique that they do not have and probably would never expect, and they can admire for years to come, while at the same time helping rescue organizations with the portion that will be donated thanks to your purchase.  You are literally buying 2 gifts, one to give someone and the other gift is your support for the animals who are so defenseless and need our help.

Nair & Bjorn has a line of Rescuewear that shows support for animals and are really great pieces of jewelry that go with anything, even jeans.  They also have a line of GlamWear with some jewelry pieces that even appeared on TV shows.  They have rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, and earrings.  Not all the jewelry has a message on it so if you wanted more of a fancy piece of jewelry they certainly have that too.

Ladies, they even have unisex jewelry so if it is your man that is an animal lover and you want to get him something that he doesn’t have, something that is not electronics, look no further!  Nair & Bjorn is for everyone and anyone who loves animals and you will definitely find something for the man in your life there too! Plus a percentage still goes to help the animals, no matter who you are buying for! And no matter who it is you are buying for, not only will they love the jewelry but when they find out that a percentage went to help animals they will love the gift even more!

Check out all the beautiful jewelry at Nair & Bjorn.  Give someone a piece of handmade jewelry and support animals at the same time.  The recipient will love the jewelry whether you go with the RescueWear or a piece of jewelry made with Swarovski crystals, and as a bonus you will be helping animals because 20% of all sales go to the rescue charity of the month.

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