There are days when we are running around all day, and by the time my sisters home shes so tired and don't want to cook anything for dinner. She's been out running all day, to this appointment and then her husbands, who can blame her.

Recently I found out about, Bitesquad, the perfect way to get our dinner without having to run out again. Its simple to use and isn't a hassle at all.  All you have to do is add your location and a list of places, that deliver will show up. You pick the place and wait for it to come. What I think was great is you can track, the order the whole time, you know when they get it when its cooking and leaves to be delivered to you.

With 14 states doing this, it's becoming the fastest and best way to get dinner, when you punch in where you're from a list of some great places, pops up. On ours its all of the places we love and more.  We have been using this a while, with little issues here and there, but nothing to major,


5-step status checker lets you see exactly what the deal is with your food at any given time…because you're hungry, darnit!

  1. Order Placed
  2. Sending Order To Restaurant
  3. Cooking Your Goodies
  4. Quality Check
  5. It's-A-Comin'

Bite Squad is the last place you'll ever have to go online to order yummy cuisine for delivery or take-out. We've partnered with local restaurants, hand-picked our food lovin' customer support squad, and wrangled up a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles to get fresh food from the restaurant straight to your door, quickly and hassle-free!


Dads love getting food delivered! From spicy chicken wings to a big-mouth burger, to tangy baby-back ribs… they can kick back with their favorite foods, maybe watch the game or Netflix, with their favorite people, right in the comfort of their home! That's why I believe a food delivery gift card makes a perfect gift for Father's Day. Dads can use it for a special meal on their special day – or save it for when they really want a break. I know the dad in my household is a huge fan!


Making things easy for dads, or yourselves this would be the perfect gift, for any dad as a Fathers Day gift. A dad and his favorite foods and some sports say a day for a great dad.



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