When You’re looking for a gift for someone close and dear to your heart, it needs to be absolutely perfect. That means that it should be thoughtful, something that they would appreciate, that matches their character or needs, as well as something they will actually use. For a friend who loves to travel, for instance, they would be psyched to get travel-related gifts. 

To help you find the perfect gift for them, here’s a list of travel gifts that would be absolutely awesome.

Travel Alarm Clock

When travelling solo and exploring nature, it is quite common to find that there’s no electricity making it difficult to use a phone or even use it for something as basic and essential as an alarm clock. That makes finding an alarm clock for travelling is essential to keep track of time as well as be able to start their day at the required hour. However, when choosing a travel alarm clock, there are a few features you need to consider: Because your friend will be travelling light, the alarm clock needs to be compact in size and light in weight to make it easy to fit in their backpacks. Another feature that is super important if your friend is a light sleeper is an alarm clock that is completely silent. You don’t want to buy them a gift that will make them go absolutely crazy with its ticking sounds. Otherwise, a travel alarm clock is a practical, useful and thoughtful gift that they will really appreciate.

Scratch Map

Every traveler likes to keep track of the places they’ve been to and have something to show how adventurous they are. A scratch map can be a super cool gift for your travel buddy that they can hang on their wall and be eager to travel just so they can get back and enjoy scratching their latest destination off the map. Having a world map where your travel-enthusiast friend can gaze at and wonder where to travel next is already something they would absolutely love, but being able to document and scratch off the countries they’ve travelled to is an addition that will make it even more special. 

Portable Charger

Because travelers are out and about all day long, they need to keep their batteries alive. For that reason, a portable charger can come in super handy. When on the road, a phone can be a traveler’s best friend as it allows them to reach their destination, be used as a translator to be able to communicate with the locals as well as a device to listen to music and take photographs with. All these things can consume a battery immensely, but with a portable charger, your travel buddy won’t have to worry about where to charge their phone as they will be able to use it to recharge. Just make sure to remind them that portable chargers cannot be placed in the checked-in luggage and always need to be kept in their cabin bags. 

Polaroid Camera

Every traveler loves to take photos to document those exciting moments and cherish them forever. But, a cool way to keep the best parts of their trips alive in hard copy is to use a polaroid camera. It’s always super exciting to go back to life before digital cameras and making sure that one shot is absolutely perfect and once it’s taken, those few seconds you wait for the photo to come out and start to appear are quite thrilling, to say the least. Once they get back from their trip, they’ll also be able to get creative with the photos by hanging them on the wall, in a scrapbook or finding a super cool way to display them. 

Travel Accessories

There are so many travel accessories that can make for great gifts. From keychains, necklaces, rings or earrings with a plane, globe or continent on them, to stackable charms that can be collected every time they visit a new place, these are accessories that they’ll cherish and hold dear to their heart. You can even help them start a new tradition by collecting snow globes, key chains or fridge magnets from every country they’ve been to. 

Finding the perfect gift for a traveler is a piece of cake as there are so many really amazing ideas that will show them how much thought and effort you put into finding the perfect gift. These gifts will be cherished as they’re practical, useful and also something they’ll get really excited for and absolutely love.



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