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Perfect Gifts from Laia Baby

Purchasing gifts for baby can be challenging. New parents tend to go overboard buying everything they need and some things they don’t need before baby arrives. Seasoned parents know exactly what they need and typically have many hand-me-downs so they don’t need as much. That is why I try to give gifts that most parents don’t think of when making gift lists for baby! I enjoy giving gifts that do more than just give a book, unique toy or cute accessory. Laia Baby gives back and has some of the most cute adorable accessories and it’s all made from organic cotton!Laia Baby has the cutest little cap and swaddle blanket for baby that is absolutely perfect because it’s gender neutral. The cap ties securely under babies chin and has little ears on it like a little lion or lamb, the blanket is reversible so you can choose which side you like the most or switch it up and use both. As, my daughter is now 14mo she was much too big to model this for be so a borrowed my sons lion. I have the prefect baby for this blanket/cap set and she is due to be born in April making it a perfect baby gift. Even better was how cutely wrapped up the blanket came, it was ready to gift with a bow and everything. Should you have an older baby like I do then you will love their headbands and bibs. These bibs are perfect because they look so cute and stylish unlike some of those other traditional baby bibs with the cute sayings. Laia Baby Bibs are super soft and exactly what I wished I had had from day one with my daughter. Their headbands are super cute! They are in perfect style and come in a variety of different colors. I just love how they looked on my daughter!One of the best things about Laia Baby is that they work with Knitting Harmony, an organization based in Seoul, Korea that helps N. Korean refugee women to resettle in a new society. Their main role in assisting these women is through providing work opportunities, mainly sewing. This means that every purchase you make directly impacts these mothers at Knitting Harmony to dream again.

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