In the summer I tend to drink a lot more than in the winter.  Usually I stick with iced tea but when I want that adult beverage, especially in social gatherings, I want something light and refreshing, nothing too heavy and nothing too sweet.

Batiste Rhum fits that perfectly. It comes in “gold” and “silver” variety, and it is very light.  Even the gold, which I thought would be a heavier taste for some reason (maybe I let the color fool me), was nice and light.

I grow fresh mint in the summer and even though many may associate rum with pina coladas (which would also work well with this), I wanted to use my mint because to me, mint in drinks in the summertime is so refreshing (I put it in my iced tea all the time – you can't beat fresh mint, gives things a totally different taste).  I decided to go with a mojito because I had one once out and I loved it, and I knew that the mint would be perfect and it would be a perfect way to use this rum on a hot summer day.  I tried one drink with the silver and one with the gold.  They were delicious and either rum actually worked with this particular drink.

Batiste Rhum is all natural, non-GMO and gluten free.  It is eco-positive and carbon-negative, made from 100% fresh sugar cane juice from the Caribbean.  Just in case you are wondering about the difference between the gold and silver, the Silver is made from sugar cane juice,  yeast, and water.  The Gold is actually the same except it is aged in rye whiskey barrels. It is such a clean taste.  I am not a connoisseur so for me to be able to say that I could tell the difference between the two  would be a lie, there was a little difference in each drink but they were both good and nothing that stood out so much that I could describe it, but I can say that there was no bitter aftertaste, no burn, and it was just really good.  I always taste liquor before I use it because while some people say if you are mixing it doesn't matter, I am of the belief that it does matter and I want to know how it tastes before it is mixed.

You can do something as simple as just adding Batiste Rhum Silver to soda (either cola or citrus works great), seltzer, or even ginger beer to making something fancy like a Pineapple Sangria with the Batiste Rhum Gold. The ginger beer with the Silver also makes a great punch with limes and the Batiste Rhum Gold makes a great Manhattan.  They really are very versatile.

If you like something nice and light and refreshing, Batiste Rhum really is the perfect adult beverage for the summer.  Some liquors taste very “thick” if I am describing it right, and this is not that heavy taste which makes it perfect for hot days/humid nights.

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