Perfect Watch For Mothers Day

Before we know it, Mother's Day will be here and we will be searching for that perfect gift for them. My mom loved anything we got her, she never complained and would smile and say thanks. Recently I have been looking for something special for my sister, she has everything she can want the one thing she doesn't have is a good-looking watch.

That is where Nordgreen comes in they have a huge selection of watches, for both men and women. With so many to choose from it made it hard to pinpoint the perfect one. After going through I decided on the Native | Black Dial – 3-Link. not only is it beautiful it's also unique.

  • Danish design by Jakob Wagner for a timeless look
  • Interchangeable straps for versatility
  • Ethical packaging for a more sustainable tomorrow

What is so great about this is they give back to the community, they respect the people around them and that is why they created the Giving Back Program. Who else do you know that does this, no one they give back for each watch sold , they give back to one of these causes, I was impressed when I read that.

How do they keep track of each donation, from the serial number on the back of each watch, how amazing is that this way they know the impact your donation has.

All these watches can be used as an everyday watch or for something you're wanting to us as a night on the town, they are more beautiful in person and she will like it I am sure.

Growing up or grandfather was a well-known clock man, where they lived and he taught us how to make clocks and fix watches so this is like something we love and cherish.

Jakob has the ability to bridge the gap between great aesthetics and functional products that each and every person can incorporate into their lives. An art that many designers struggle with, separating the good from the great.

For your watch needs, head on over to Nordgreen and see for yourself the beautiful watches they have.



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