I had the chance to review a few Dermashine and Trigger Massage Candle samples! Dermashine is a unique body cream that comes in 3 luxurious scents, Peach and Pomegranate with Vitamin C drops, Green Tea and Aloe Vera with Vitamin A drops, and Strawberry and Acai Berry with Vitamin E drops. They are non-greasy and ideal for everyday use! The scents of these great Dermashine samples are wonderful! My favorite is the Peach and Pomegranate! Each Dermashine body cream also has these little moisturizing beads that really separate these body creams from ordinary body lotion. The Trigger Massage Candle samples were amazing too! The Trigger Massage Candles are a 3-in-1 combination. They are a candle, massage cream, and oil! The fragrance of the Trigger Massage Candles are the same as the new Trigger perfume fragrance that has just released by Perfumeland. The Candles are made from 100% soybean oil and pure essential oil extract that is high in Vitamin E! The full size candle is 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 8″ in size and lasts 100 hours! Of course, I love the Trigger Fragrance so these candle samples smelled amazing!


The next few things I had the chance to review was the 525PR Makeup City cosmetics. 525PR is a professional cosmetic line designed for the everyday woman of different skin types and tones. They advertise that the makeup is comparable to MAC cosmetics, yet I don’t think that they are quite up to that standard. Don’t get me wrong, the cosmetics from 525 PR are wonderful and great, but MAC cosmetics are in my bookoutstanding. 525PR has a full line that includes brushes, eye shadows, foundations, powders, nail polishes, liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras and more. While I did not get to try all of the 525PR cosmetics, I did get the chance to review their mascara, bronzer, eye shadow and lipstick.

I really liked all of the makeup, it went one very nicely. The Lash Luxe mascara was my favorite. The brush of the mascara is flexible and I loved that it didn’t take more than 2 coats to get the finish I was looking for (see final picture below). The Mineral Eyeshadow was also lovely. The brown color looks dark, but it really is a nice taupe/light brown color. Also, in the picture the crystal beige looks yellow/goldish but it is not. It is a nice sparkled beige as you can see in the swatch below. The Lipstick Matte Nude was also a great shade, but I wish it would have been just a bit more moisturizing as I had to reapply it after a few hours.


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Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for an honest review, And in no way does that affect my views. The views and opinions on the stated product(s) are 100% my own. In accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255:”Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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