Do you have a soft spot for cute bags, organizational items, and household decor? Do you have an even softer spot for those things, when you can personalize them? Sounds like a pretty broad collection, I know, but with ThirtyOne, you can have all that and more!

I love personalized home decor because it means that no one else has decor just like mine. Well, kids can be the same way about their stuff; take my daughter, for instance, if she can have her name on it, she wants it!


Imagine her surprise then, when she received this super cute, personalized Halloween themed bag, just in time for Trick or Treat! This orange backpack, with green drawstrings, and a Jack o Lantern face, had her name emblazoned across the front, making her the envy of trick or treaters up and down our street!

The quality of this bag has thouroughly impressed me. It is very well made, and is quite large, which makes it perfect for toting around a whole lot of goodies! In addition, the embroidery of her name was very well done. Perfectly straight, with absolutely no loose threads. I'd you have ever had anything personalized before, then you know just how quickly a loose embroidery thread can ruin the entire item. Not the case with ThirtyOne!


ThirtyOne has so many great items to choose from, and their holiday collections are fantastic! Bags, totes, and travel gear are just the beginning of your ThirtyOne journey. There is an entire organizational category and their home decor options? Amazing!!

If you haven't had the pleasure of perusing a ThirtyOne catalog, you are definitely missing out. Next up for me? I am definitely going to be getting my hands on the family tree pillowcase from their Christmas Collection. Maybe a throw as well!!

You can kept up to date on all things ThirtyOne, by following along on Social Media, and get ready to personalize it!

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  1. Judith Watson says:

    Thanks for the info about ThirtyOne. I had never heard of them before now.

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