Personalized Cookies For Any Special Occasion - Parker's Crazy Cookies

Personalized Cookies For Any Special Occasion - Parker's Crazy Cookies


Parker's Crazy Cookies


There are always parties and special get togethers for friends and family to be planned. It seems like there’s always something going on. Right now many families are preparing and planning celebrations for their children’s high school (or college) graduations. I’m in this camp at the moment as my son finishes his senior year of high school this week.

It kind of snuck up on me. Not because I don’t pay attention to my children. But he’s kept me busy all through his high school years with marching band and pep band activities, concerts and the endless fundraisers that go along with supporting this very important student organization. Also, I was the one who tried to help him prepare for the driver’s permit test and largely the one who risked life and limb riding along with him everywhere so he could work on those driving skills! (Eek!) He just finally got around to the road test in March and has now been driving himself around now and (knock on wood) doing very well so far.

But, the last band activity and the final band concert of the year is now over, the fundraising is done, and it’s on to thinking about the last day of school, the graduation ceremony, and his final school-sponsored activity Project Grad which is an overnight lock-in at the school where they have music and dancing, games and raffles, food and fun.

Parker's Crazy Cookies

Every time I entertain in my home (or attend a party to which I bring a dish) I like to have the time to think up or find a new recipe for something delicious to contribute to the food table. Sometimes, I find something special while food shopping that I just couldn’t make on my own, and that’s okay, too. More than okay, actually, as I am not a superwoman!

Here’s a fun cookie option to add to the dessert table. It’s something that will add a touch of fun and class to any occasion or holiday table for graduations, birthdays, retirements, job promotions, baby showers, and many more!

Parker’s Crazy Cookies is a great company that allows you to submit a photo of your loved one and they make cookies that very closely resemble that photo. They are a simple butter cookie that has just the right density and a delicious light buttery flavor. This is a cookie that everyone will like no matter what their preferred taste might be.

This is an easy way to add a little unique and personalized fun to your celebration. And more importantly, it’s one you can plan and get done well in advance of the occasion since their cookies are shelf-stable for up to two months. So, mark this task off of your super-long party planning list early. Now, to find the perfect photo to submit for mine, no easy task since my son has a habit of making weird faces when he knows someone is snapping a photo of him. (sigh)

I think it will be a fun and unique way to add a little personalization to the food table for my son’s graduation party that we are planning for late June. And then it’s on to filling out the FAFSA and application for him to attend community college next Fall, fun fun!

I actually lucked into finding everything I needed for his graduation party. My younger daughter wanted to go shopping for a new swimsuit top (to go with her swim shorts) to wear to a friend's birthday party last weekend. While we were out I spied a display of graduation party supplies and found all the stuff I needed — plates and cups, decorations and balloons, tablecloth, graduation-themed confetti and garland, napkins and even a food tray, photo wreath, and greeting card collection bucket. She also found some gift wrap ribbon to decorate the bucket and some really cute blow-up balloons to spell out the word “YAY” that we added to our haul.

Parker's Crazy Cookies

Parker's Crazy Cookies

Parker's Crazy Cookies

Parker's Crazy Cookies

What's even better is that I bought extra plates, napkins, and cups so that I can put them away and use them and most of the decorations again when my daughter graduates in a few years. I can even use the wreath again because the 2018 placard in the center is simply attached by a tied ribbon that I can easily untie and replace the placard by making a new one with her graduation year on it. And I can simply replace his senior year picture with hers on the graduation card collection bucket. I think all I will need to buy for her party will be some different balloons.

Parker's Crazy Cookies


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Personalized Cookies For Any Special Occasion


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