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Pet Hair Is easy To Pick Up With Panasonic Bagless Jetforce #HGG


This house has wall to wall carpeting, everyplace except the bathrooms, kitchen and the hallways. And with 7 dogs in this house there is so much hair. Thankfully the Panasonic Bagless Jetforce we are able to pick up hair and more. With this, there is so much more hair and dust picked up. It's funny how you don't realize there is so much left after you have already vacuumed. hose makes it great to say we are dust and hair free.



The fact that this is so powerful and very lightweight. We have an up and down and when I would vacuum I had to drag, the heavy vacuum up the stairs. this one actually stays upstairs and we use it on the floors and stairs as well. The long hose makes cleaning the air conditioner ducts easy. This vacuum feature an hour-glass shaped dirt cup, making maintaining the suction easier, there's nothing getting trapped in the hose, all of the dirt and hair is deposited on the bottom, away from the filter. This is a great thing this way, the filter maintains the suction.



How these Jet Force works is by separating the dust by the air force in the canister, making it all go to the bottom. Leaving the filter free of anything, that can clog it. Also making it easy for you not to have to clean the filter. For me, this has saved many a headache and stress over, trying to find out what's wrong with the suction.



All of the attachments are great , I have used the pet brush on the furniture and it works great. Cleaning the stairs is even easy, the hose is long enough that I don't have to keep moving the vacuum. The hour-glass dust-cup shape forces large debris towards the bottom of the cup, due to pressure difference in the middle and bottom of the cup, and away from the filter to prevent clogging and reduce filter maintenance.


Then the bottom of the canister has a lid that flaps open to let the dust/dirt fall out. There is a pre-filter inside of the canister that can also be removed to empty any “extras” that get caught up in the top.  The vacuum also includes an exclusive on board Pet and Reach Kit with a gliding double roller pet tool, three-position fan and blind tool and telescopic crevice tool making it easy to clean. 


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