Pet Hair Is Everywhere!

Pet Hair Doesn't Have To Be A Pain

If you have animals then you know about their hair/fur.  No matter how much you vacuum or clean, it seems like there's no end!  Unfortunately, our vacuum gets the hair tangled up on the brush, so it's a pain.  I now use the Lilly Brush Mini Hair Detailer.  This cool invention acts as a squeegee, but for hair.  It's small and fits perfectly in your hand to pick up all of the pet hair you want to.  You simply use it as a broom and “sweep” the hair into a neat pile and you can either pick it up or vacuum it.  It works so great!

Pet Hair Is Everywhere!

A Fun Way To Pick Up Hair

No, the Lilly Brush isn't a brush to use on your favorite pet.  However, it will help you stay on top of the yucky hair situation.  I've tried to use other products that promise the same thing that the Lilly Brush does.  Unfortunately, it didn't deliver.  This is now my favorite way to pick up hair.  I even find it fun!  I know, I'm probably a little crazy, but I am serious.  Anything that can keep the pet hair at bay is my new love.  Oh, and not only can you use it in your home, but take it in the car and use it there too!  Use it wherever you have pet hair driving you crazy.

Even For The Big And Hairy

So, my sister has 3 dogs and they are big and hairy!  Oh, she also has cats, just to make it more interesting.  This little handheld “brush” works great even on big, tough jobs.  No matter how much you have, this will put it into a manageable pile for you.

Pet Hair Is Everywhere!

Lilly Brush Offers Other Pet Brushes

If you're looking for a pet brush with a handle, look no further.  Lilly Brush has some pretty cool ones to choose from.  They even have one specifically made for use in the car.  Quality comes to mind when I think about Lilly Brush.  You'll love them as much as I do!  They'd make a great gift for someone who just brought home a puppy.  Especially a puppy with long hair.  They'll be so happy with any of Lilly Brush's products.

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Pet Hair Is Everywhere!

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