Pet Paradise – 6 Unusual Pets That May Be Right for Your Family

Almost everyone you meet has a pet. If they don’t, you often ask the question why, as surely there has to be a reason why someone isn’t sharing their life with a furry friend. Who could spend their days without fur on the sofa, chewed socks, and the occasional dead critter on the doorstep?

Dogs, cats, and even goldfish are commonplace in most households, but they aren’t the only animals that make great pets. If you want to buck the trend and adopt a pet that offers the same love and companionship as a dog or cat, but will be a great conversation starter, consider one of these six unusual animals:


If you’re lucky enough to have access to farmland, a horse will make a great pet. They enable you to join clubs, act as a form of transport and can be as loving as a cat or dog. However, it’s important to note that horses require a significant investment of money, maintenance and equipment such as hoof boots, saddles, feed, and grooming.

Bearded Dragons

If getting a license to own an animal doesn’t phase you, you might be ready for a bearded dragon. These scaly critters can grow up to two feet in length, and just like a dog, they love to be petted and handled. They have a calm demeanor, make great pets for kids, and are legal to own in the United States with a license. However, they do require a lot of work, so ensure you do your research. Read about bearded dragons here for more information.


If you don’t live in Pennsylvania, Maine, Georgia, Arizona or Hawaii, there’s good news! You can own a hedgehog! Hedgehogs make excellent pets for children, and require the same amount of love and care as a guinea pig or hamster. Ensure you have a cage, food, water, a hiding and toilet area and you’re set to go! Even though 65 percent of US families own a pet, how many can say they own a hedgehog?


If you can recall the pet tarantula in the Christmas classic ‘Home Alone’ without jumping out of your skin, tarantula ownership might be for you. They are a low maintenance pet, but they aren’t easy to domesticate. For the most part, tarantulas will always be active, aggressive and fast. Of course, they are fun to look at, are a great conversation piece, and don’t need exercise. However, they are mildly terrifying to put it plainly, and will never snuggle up with you in bed. If you think you could handle a tarantula, you can get your fix during the breeding season.


If you miss having something destroying your socks, shoes, and homework, a chinchilla could be on your pet wishlist. Equally as destructive as the family dog, a chinchilla is a pet you must entertain at all times. They don’t like you cuddling them, but they enjoy running and playing. Buy a chinchilla if you enjoy cleaning up trails of destruction.


Corn, Rosy, California, Gopher and Ball snakes all make brilliant pets. If you just love the sight of entire rodents being devoured by a ravenous reptile, a snake is the best pet for you. Be ready to pay hundreds of dollars for the tank setup, but enjoy the long-term love of this legless creature that very few of your friends will likely own themselves.

Dog and cat ownership isn’t for everyone, but there are more animals in the kingdom than just our furry friends. Adopt a pet with a difference and experience a new kind of bond and love you never thought was possible.

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