When it comes to our pets we love to do the right thing, and get them the foods that are good for them. Especially when it comes to Bella. We love to give her the best of things and the healthy food. When I was contacted by Petbrosia I was happy to do a review for them. They actually make the food to fit your pet , how awesome is that. All you do is put in your pets info and they mix the food to them.


Knowing that the first ingredient in the food is antibiotic and hormone free de-boned chicken, and that no Petbrosia foods have corn, wheat, soy, gluten, artificial coloring or flavors. All Petbrosia blends have added probiotics. I still have a lot to learn about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ingredients for dog foods but I know that having a protein (that is NOT a protein-meal) listed first and no corn-meal are two signs of high quality food.

The website uses the information that you have entered to create a customized bag of food, complete with an ingredient list, specific feeding guidelines that will fit your pet, and nutrition facts. Petbrosia takes into consideration all factors that you have entered, and will tailor the food precisely; for example, if your dog has high activity levels and a low weight, they may choose a higher calorie food with a larger serving size

And they come in small sizes that was good for Bella, she enjoyed it


Interested in learning more about Petbrosia? Check out the links below:


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