Have you ever heard of Petflow they are a company that deals with cat and dog food, treats , accessories and so on. They recently sent me a spoiled rotten box for my cat Hailey, yes she's my fur baby and her as well as her sister Bella get so spoiled. And if you know anything about me I love my animals as if they are my baby's.
I was given the choice of Hailey or Bellas and since Bellas always getting things I decided Hailey deserve some love too. when I got the box I was excited to see what was in store for her. Shes so spoiled already and now with all this she's becoming more spoiled,
In her box she received treats, a toy and some wet food, she went nuts over the treats She would look at my husband and cry and he would give her some wet food, see she's spoiled and the same thing with her treats all she has to do is cry lol.

She received the perfect bites cut treat in rabbit Both healthy and heavenly meaty , rabbit morsels are made with only the highest quality of ingredients, This unique hexagon shape is specifically designed to work with cats taste buds. Since your cat can't thank you themselves you will just have to take the happy purrs as a sign of happiness. 33634-3

We also received Royal Canin Intense beauty cat food , not to be modest but my kitty already beautiful, shes so soft and clean. But this product is specifically formulated cat food to strengthen and beautify your cats coat. Wheat will only enhance the natural good looks. Basically your feline will be a cats meow.

And she received her favorite toy of all Prestige Shake Rattle And Roll Toy, This simply keeps her busy for hours , to see her so playful and stimulated. With this kooky contraption , the colorful cylinder will be rattling away as she's playing with it, You are bound to find yourself shaking with laughter at how amused your cat will be, You might want to pick it up at nite we had too.

We also got The natural , fish-shaped Dairy Cat treats, perfect dairy cat treats are bite sized fish-shaped morsels made with real milk and yogurt , whats better is they are free of corn , meal added grains and all those artificial ingredients that really dont belong in your kitty belly, that's something worth purring about . She loves everything so anything I give her.

And our last thing she received was Royal Canin Adult Instinctive cat food, With thinly slices in tasty gravy. This cat food will have your cat kitty licking his or her lips,she really enjoyed this one the most eveytime she left nothing in her bowl. The adult formula is a perfect balance of protein , fats, and carbs that full-grown cats naturally need. It even provides then a boost of energy to help your kitty maintain his or her ideal weight.

And who loves there kitty to have good teeth, I have to tell you about the chemistry dental cleanse , tasteless and colorless and it has no odor this cleanse works to eliminate bad breath , gingivitis , and reduces plague buildup and promotes healthy gums, all which makes for a healthy cat. Will keep kitty breathe smelling fresh while helping to prolong their health, my Hailey wanted nothing at all to do with this .

Hailey enjoyed everything she received and as im typing this shes playing with her toy. And she cry for her treats all day long so who spoiled her , not me lol. But we give her all the love and treats her little heart wants.

Petflow is offering one of my readers a spoiled rotten box of their own, either for a dog or cat so enter below and good luck.


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