Are you like me? More specifically, do you have the majority of your photos stuck on a hard drive or phone somewhere? And, sadly, I've lost a lot of photos when my computer became inaccessible and my phone crashed and never returned to functional status. Well, I'm slowly learning my lesson and trying to be better about uploading photos and having them printed. I'm also just learning about all the things I can do with my photos (in addition to just prints). And, Nations Photo Lab is here to help us all!

Nations Photo Lab was created in 2005 when the founders couldn't find a photo lab “with the quality, service, turnaround, and price that they wanted” (taken from website), so they created their own company to provide such quality service. Well, based on my experience in dealing with them, my opinion is: they succeeded!

Photo Mugs To Commemorate Special Memories

I sent Nations Photo Lab a picture of one of my beloved pets that had passed away. I requested the picture be placed on a mug. Soon after, I received my mug and I absolutely LOVE it. And, I love it for a few reasons. For one, the picture quality on the mug is excellent. It's clear and looks like the original picture. Plus, they placed the word “love” in beautiful writing in just the right spot to convey what I wanted in a cup that would commemorate my deceased dog. And, the quality of the mug, itself, is wonderful. The mug has smooth, rounded edges, which, for me, make for a more pleasant drinking experience. It really is one of my most favorite mugs in my entire collection (and I'm a big coffee drinker).

Other Products Nations Photo Lab Can Provide For You

Nations Photo Lab offers tons of other products in addition to photo mugs. They can help you create photo books, metal prints (which I had never heard of before but they are super cool), framed prints, phone cases, calendars, canvas prints, and much more! They even provide gift cards—what a great idea to gift photo services! Just about everyone I know could use photo services. So, visit the Nations Photo Lab website and see what they have to offer! There are so many cool things you can do with your photos that enable you to place those memories onto things so they have a special place in your heart and your home!

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