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Fun New Ways to Photograph Your Newborn

Photographer Anne Geddes revolutionized newborn photography by photographing babies dressed as fairies and fairytale creatures, flowers, or small animalsHer style has been heavily emulated by other newborn photographers for years. Photographer Central Pro Hari Simons brings some fresh ideas for capturing unique photos of the littlest clients

Safety First

Safety is obvious to all, but it’s worth repeatingAfter all we are dealing with very cute but very fragile bundles of joy. So, for any props or posing techniques considered, safety must always be the top priority:

  •  Never place newborn in an uncomfortable or potentially unsafe position
  •  Make sure to always have a parent, guardian or spotter close by
  •  Keep in mind that not all poses are possible with all babies, so if you’re sensing that the newborn is uncomfortable with a pose—even one that has been used with other infants—stop and try something else

This is the main reason why it ivery important to find a professional photographer who photographs newborns for a living. They will know all the tips and tricks to capturing those special moments with your newborn without endangering your childThis is where comes in.  This site will help you to find a professional in your area that has the experience necessary to work with newborns.

Studio Shoot—the Fundamentals

Lights, camera, action… well, maybe not so much action but more like atmospherethink warm colors, smooth inviting textures, and soft lights. Newborns like to stay warm and cozy, so your photographer’s studio should have the temperature set to around 85-90 degrees. That, or at least have some portable heaters for extra warmth.

While babies are in the womb, the environment they’re in is actually pretty loud, and they are still accustomed to this when they’re newbornsBecause of this, try to avoid having their photos taken in a completely silent studio. Better yet, babies actually find comfort in loud white noise. If possible, find an app for your smartphone or tablet that can create soothing white noise to play during the shoot.

Have the three Bs—backdrop, blankets and baby basketat the readyA good photographer will most likely have a few of each already prepared so that moving between them is as effortless as possibleI like to place my blankets in a stack so the top one can simply be removed after a pose and the next one below is ready to goFor quick clean up of those unavoidable little accidents when shooting diaper-free poses, keep a waterproof pad under the first blanket.

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Newborn Special Effects

Many newborn shots are actually made up of two images edited together. One shot with a spotter’s hand propping the baby up and another with the hand in a different place. The hand is then removed from the final imageThis goes back to the first point of about safety. In order to achieve those adorable poses without endangering your baby, professional editing and compositing of the image will sometimes be necessary.

Scenery and Places

Most photographers will employ props in some way in order to paint a complete picture. These newborn shots are supposed to hint at specific locations or settingsSome examples of locations and settings includetrees and shrubbery for an outdoorsy feel, books and reading lamp for a library feel, a basket and blanket for a charming picnic scene, or just a simple scene with a duvet and pillows.

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and inspiration for themes and propsIt’s also handy for any at-home shoots that you’d like to do yourself.

Capture Emotions with a Collage

With an expressive child and a little bit of patience (or a lot of patience), your photographer can capture your child’s expressions and emotions by taking multiple images of the child in the same place or scene.

The difference is that each photo is going to capture a different expression representing a different emotion. They can then create multiple image grid with each image corresponding to a particular emotion (happy, sad, angry, delightedsleepy, inquisitive, etc.) and label each using fonts that relate to the respective emotion. This would make for a fun keepsake of your child’s many moods.

Capturing Time

Any parent would treasure a photographic record of their baby as they grow. So why not take photos of your child at regular intervalto document your child’s development? Here are some simple ideas to make a consistent sequence:

  • Take each photo from a similar view and location each time
  •  Have a common toy or prop in each photo as a point of reference to help demonstrate their change in size
  • Bring in a chalkboard to display their age at the time of the photo; you can get creative with different ways of writing their age to add some variety each month

As your child grows, include a different prop from each major milestone. This could be something that shows off the fact that your baby started crawling, said their first word, or it could simply be the representation of their interest that month.

There are different ways of recording each growing stage as you take daily/weekly/monthly/yearly photos, but the important thing is to tell a cohesive story of your child’s growth and progression in photos. And keep in mind that this would make a lovely montage to show to your child’s object of affection when they go out on their first date.

Just like all things related to these squishy little bundles of happiness, you and your photographer will need to be patient,creative and most of all, have fun! With some preparation, patience and a little bit of luck, these images will be cherished mementos of the early days of your child’s life. photo 004

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