I am a photo fiend.  I cannot begin to tell you how many photos I take ever since my child was born.  I had never been one to take pictures, did not really think about them much really, but once my child was born I had the urge to capture every single moment and started taking pics practically every single day.  And now that my child is older, I am still doing it.  I guess it never ends.  Even for the most simple things like the first day of school, last day of the school year, a trip to the zoo, wearing a new outfit, of course, the holidays, school functions, you name it.


The problem with my pictures is, I snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, willy-nilly.  Some are duplicates, some are out of focus, some are photobombed.  I end up taking 25 pictures and maybe keeping 2 or 3 after I go through them.   The one thing that always happens without fail,  however, is the best picture is the one where there is something in the background that I do not want people seeing, i.e., a mess! I don't stop to think what is going to be captured in the background, I just point the camera and shoot so maybe a backyard pic has a real eyesore that I had put out there months ago and never got rid of and I don't want it displayed or preserved forever in this perfect photo I captured!

Yes, of course, I can edit my photos, but with my phone, I can only do so much.  Do I really want to download apps to do this?  Do I really want to do this on my phone screen?  No.  I want to see them on my computer, big so I can really see all the details and fix them to my satisfaction.  That is where Fotor the online photo editing comes in.  Fotor is a free online photo editor and some photography backdrops  that I started using to edit and touch up all my photos.  Now I am an expert getting the best photos!

But wait, there is more! This is where I got really excited. Of  course I could edit my pics, you know the usual stuff like cropping, rotating (how many times have my pics come out upside own? I didn't take them that way!), getting red eye out, making it brighter or fixing the contrast, but I can even put text or a sticker directly on my photos!  I don't do that often, but I like it is there, especially if one of my pics comes out crazy and then I can make fun of it for everyone to see instead of having to explain it a million times, or just have someone think I am nuts.

I can also make collages of my photos which I love. I did it for my child's birthday, used a baby picture, a  recent picture, and then pictures through the years.  I liked that a lot.  I also did it with all the pets I have had, put all their pics in a nice collage which was very nostalgic for me seeing all my past pets in one collage and I could look at them all at the same time.

Another thing that I can do with Fotor is a  poster maker.  They have a design feature with templates, graphics, and more.   This little feature has come in very handy, especially with fundraising at my child's school and making them for bake sales for the price list, but I even used one for a garage sale.  The possibilities are endless and sometimes you need something big to grab people's attention and a plain old sheet of paper is not going to cut it.

They are also hip to the social scene too where they help you design Facebook banners, email headers, twitter banners.  If you have a YouTube channel, you can design YouTube channel art and thumbnails.  They even help out online business with designing Etsy icons and cover photos for those who have an Etsy account.

Since I found Fotor my pictures are perfect, I have done projects that make me look like I am so creative (little do they know!), and it takes very little effort on my part which is another good thing because left to my own devices I would be in big trouble.

See what Fotor can help you with! This is the easiest site to use, look at this youtube channel art and learn how.


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