The festive season is here; the season to share happiness, love and lots of gifts. And because your loved ones, especially your children, will be anticipating some gifts this festive season, finding the right gift for your kids can be quite challenging. Don’t sweat it though; this post is meant to help you pick a timeless and exciting gift for your children this Christmas. So, (please) read on.

Whether you intend to gift your own kids, your friend’s kids, your cousins, nieces and nephews or your kids’ friends, this post will help you find the perfect type of gift that every kid would appreciate; a kid’s bicycle. According to research, parents buy bikes for their sons but most of them would never go through the same hustle to gift their daughters with bikes as well.


Well, this is the 21st century and as bikes are an amazing gift for the boys, they are also an amazing gift for your little princess. As a matter of fact, there are kids’ bikes that come in girly colors so that the girl child can enjoy the bike more. So, as a parent of both girls and boys or either, here are some useful tips that will help you learn a great deal for kids bikes, especially if you intend to gift your children with bikes.

Well, it’s Christmas! You should be the parent of the season, so here are some good tips that you can use when buying bikes for your kids:


  • Get the right bicycle safety accessories – A helmet, a bike seat cover, a bicycle horn, bicycle lights and reflectors are some of the most important bike safety accessories that you should get for your little one (little ones).


  • Get the right type of bicycle for your kids – For older kids, a kid mountain bike would be a perfect gift. However, if you have a kid or kids below the age of three, a tricycle or a kid balance bike would be the perfect choice. So, it is imperative that you buy a kid’s bike depending on the age of your child.


  • Consider your budget – As we all know, people spend money on a whole lot of stuff during the Christmas season. There is the exchange of gifts, the different meals, and the decorations. So, it is important that you stick to your budget. So, in as much as you want your kids to have the best Christmas gifts, make sure that you stick to a budget that you had already set. If you do not have a budget, (please) make one!


  • Consider what your kids love – You might have a baby girl whose favorite color is white. So, do not be carried away by the stereotype that pink is the color for girls to the point that you ignore your child’s favorite color. If she loves white, find her a white bike.

Lastly, kids love candy and chocolates. So, spice up the bike surprises with their favorite candies and chocolates. After all, who doesn’t want a piece of chocolate on Christmas Day!


7 kids’ bikes you can trust

  • For toddlers–Once your child is up on their feet, they have reached an age when you can gift them with a bike. But because they do not have the balance for cycling, balance bicycles (or tricycles) are the perfect choice. Here are two of the top toddler bikes that you can trust:


  1. Schwinn Roadster Tricycle– Your little one will have the best experience cycling around on a Schwinn roadster tricycle. The bike is made of heavy duty stainless steel and offers maximum balance. It is the right size for a toddler from as young as two years old.


  1. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike – Harley-Davidson is one company that is known across the world to produce the best motorcycles and bikes. AHarley-Davidsonstyled trike for your baby would be a good Christmas gift. It is strong, durable, comfortable and it has the balance that every two-year-old needs.


  • For children over 5 years – When your child hits 5, they are no longer toddlers. They are now matured enough to get a bigger bike. As a matter of fact, they will let you know that they have outgrown their tricycle and now want a cooler bike. That said, here are some good choices for your 5 and over little one:


    1. Mini BMX bikes – Your little princess or prince will appreciate a mini BMX bike. This type of bike is designed for children, making or the perfect size for a child who is 5 or over. They are strong enough to hit the bumpy roads. But because this bike is bigger than a tricycle, it is imperative that you watch your child until you are sure they are safe on their own.


    1. Mini mountain bikes – Mountain bikes have wider tires and strong gears. The bike also comes with strong brakes. So, if you have a really active child who is willing to take his cycling skills to the next level, a mini mountain bike would be a great choice.


  • For teenagers –Teenagers are stronger and more physically active. Most teenagers would love to use bikes as their means of transportation and they will even have some cycling challenges with their friends. So, gifting your teenage child with a bicycle this Christmas will be a great idea. Here are some options for you:


  1. Mountain bikes – The only difference these bikes have from the mini mountain bikes is that they are bigger in size. They have the same benefits and the same features.


  1. Road bikes –Road bikes would be the perfect choice of bike for everyday use. Whether your child intends to use paved roads in the city or ride their way to happiness on racing tracks or for touring, you can never go wrong with a road bike.


  1. Hybrid bikes –Just like road bikes, these bikes are designed for paved roads and gravel roads.

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