With Mothers Day, how can you make it so memorable getting her a digital picture frame and filling it with her favorite pictures, that she can see and look at all the time? Simple photo sharing – photo spring digital photo frame displays photos sent from family and friends

My mom would have loved it, filled with her favorite memories of us kids and all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Automated photo collection – photos, videos from smartphones can be automatically stored and displayed  Intelligent photo selection – photo spring can auto-select the best photos and format for display

PhotoSpring stores and organizes a lifetime of photos for you. PhotoSpring provides easy to use tools to help gather all the photos and videos you have scattered across your many devices. These tools are helper apps that are available for iPhone, android, mac and windows computers. Sharing photos with family and friends becomes so easy with PhotoSpring. Send photos directly to PhotoSpring from any smartphone with the PhotoSpring app. Your photos will automatically be displayed on PhotoSpring. Mom and dad won’t have to lift a finger to see the photos you share with them. With PhotoSpring in your kitchen or living room, you’ll see a different set of photos every day and throughout the day.


The PhotoSpring touch screen is responsive. It is easy to customize playlists and select photos. You can also use automated playlists to save time and effort. A virtual keyboard pops up when appropriate. You can use gestures to delete, hide, or favorite your photos quickly with the touchscreen.

The device runs off its internal lithium-ion battery and it also plugs into a power cord that ends in a two-prong charger. It comes with a white plastic cradle that accommodates either Landscape or Portrait orientation, easy to use and set up the pictures and you're able to move it and take it with you. Such the perfect way to say I love you, mom.

Has a touch screen interface— It works basically like an iPad. This is a must, especially for the grandparents. No need to find the remote to use it. Intuitive interface, with touch controls. This makes it easy to manage the pictures. Removing pictures you don’t want is as simple as a tap rather than going though an app or menu system like the competitors. You can select different playlists to play alternate sets of photos as well. This device has excellent screen resolution and clarity, and convenient size.

PhotoSpring is redefining the digital photo and video experience with its portable, Wi-Fi connected, touchscreen frame. 
This smart automated frame, designed with parents and grandparents in mind, streamlines the way that family and friends share and display photos and videos, keeping loved ones connected.
  • Automatic selection and optimization of photo and video slideshows to be displayed each day
  • Simplified photo and video sharing through wireless companion apps for Android, iPhone, Mac, PC and web interface
  • Photo and video enabled slideshows
  • Portable 1280 x 800px resolution, touchscreen interface to browse and interact with images
  • Pricing starting at $149, available in black and white at Amazon, Best Buy and the PhotoSpring website

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