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Pie in a jar, dessert on the go!

I love pie, and one of my favorites has always been my grandmothers Strawberry Rhubarb pie. It is so delicious, and she makes it with tapioca, which results in this great pie with a thick filling. One of the most difficult things about pie, though, next to trying to not eat all of it, is taking it with you! It just isn’t something that you can toss in your lunch, and take to the office. Or throw in the picnic basket and take to the park. Or is it? Well, if you have Lisa’s Pie In A Jar, it can be!

Pie in a jar

Lisa, from Lisa’s Pie Shop, in Atlanta, Indiana, has made taking your favorite pie with you, a thing of now! Better yet, she will ship them to you!! You can choose from Strawberry Rhubarb (my favorite); Apple; Blueberry, Peach; Cherry; and Black Raspberry. Each jar comes complete with a bit of crust in each bite! You can get each of the available flavors, in either 4, 8, or 16 oz; prices range from $4 – $12!

The flavor is amazing, and she makes them with tapioca, just like grandma! You can really taste the strawberry flavor and the tart rhubarb, in every bite. I love it! These aren’t just any ole pie, either; Lisa’s pie in a jar, are made with world-famous and award-winning recipes!

pie in a jar

These pie in a jar, pies, would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift. Throw a couple into a house-warming gift, or toss some in a picnic basket for a family picnic in the park. Or, like me, just grab a spoon and dig in while you watch the newest episode of your favorite show. However you do it, do it with Lisa’s Pie in a jar…you won’t regret it! Follow Lisa’s Pie Shop on social media to stay up to date with all things pie!

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