I have read a lot about pillows and tried a bunch of them.  I am not a good sleeper for as long as I can remember.  I hear that a good pillow will make all the difference.  I always wake up every couple of hours  and I do not know whether my body just got into the habit when I had my baby from getting up every few hours to feed or what, but you would think enough time has passed since I have had to do that that my body would not expect to wake up anymore in that schedule.

I remember when I got my tonsils out. I was 20 and the nurse was going through all the questions they ask and she asked me how many pillows I slept with.  I thought it was a trick question and could not believe she asked me.  I said “one” because honestly I did not think anybody ever would need to sleep with more than one pillow. It was just something to cushion your head.  She told me after I get my tonsils out I may want to use at least 2 or even 3.  So I did.  And guess what. Since then I CANNOT use just one pillow. Thank you nurse for that, because now if I have one pillow only I feel like I am lying flat and am so uncomfortable.  I tried going back to one after I was healed but I was never able to do with just one pillow ever again.  If I only had one pillow for whatever reason I would have to fold it in half kind of and sometimes even with two pillows if they were on the thin side I would have to take the top one and do the same, and that is not always comfortable either.

When I saw the SensorPedic Sensor Gel pillow I was instantly curious, and not only because it was memory foam which I have heard a lot about lately, but because it says that it stays cool.  WHAT?  Is this too good to be true? The other problem I have (I seem to have a lot of them) is that I am always very warm.  The summer is terrible for me and my head does always make the pillow hot.  It is one of those things that until it is pointed out to you, you don't even realize it is a problem.  I just thought that is the way it had to be, hot head, hot pillow.  I was so excited to try out this pillow.

The first thing I noticed is that it is much thicker than my normal pillows I use.  That was a plus right there.  I had three pillows on my bed and this one pretty much was the height of all three of them.  The next thing I noticed was how comfortable it was when I put my head on it. No lumps or uneven distribution of the material that I had with other pillows and I was not repositioning it in order to get a good comfortable spot for my head.  With that, I also did not have to spend time fixing it or repositioning it after I laid down because it got uncomfortable or I turned (I am a famous turner and every time I turn I needed to reposition my old pillow to find a good position for my head).  Another thing was, no matter how many pillows I ever used they all pretty much flattened, so having three pillows made no lick of a difference after a while. Maybe my head weighs a ton to flatten them out but that is what always happened.  I would buy thick pillows and soon they would end up looking like pancakes.

Now was the real test for me.  It said it stays cool.  Well, we had a few days where it was so hot it was really brutal, very uncomfortable. It was in the 90s, heat index over 100, and humid as all get out.  It was the type of weather where they issue air quality alerts and tell you to stay inside especially if you have breathing problems and they also open up cooling centers for those who do not have air conditioning. I did cover the pillow with a pillowcase but kept sticking  my hand on the pillow to see if it was really “cool” and sure enough it totally was.  I was shocked because I figured for sure it would not be “cool,” maybe it would not be hot per se but this was actually cool to the touch and felt rather good might I add!

Now I cannot be without this pillow. This pillow has  changed my sleeping habits.  First, I do not need three pillows any longer.  Secondly, I found that I was no longer waking up as much as I had before.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I did not need to reposition the pillows and actually stayed comfortable.  I don't know, it is all guesswork on my part but regardless I was just amazed the first time I woke up and I realized it had actually been about 5 hours and not the typical 1-1/2 to 2 hours that I would wake up as per usual.

I never realized how much of a difference a pillow could make, but now I am a believer!

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  1. I could use a pillow like that! I get really hot at night, so that would be helpful!

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