P'Jamerz are here to empower children to conquer their fears & nightmares.

Four dreamers were given magical animal powers to help the twilight fairies defeat the evil KNIGHTMARE and his army of fear. These dreamers have been chosen to become the magical dream knights known in the kingdom of DREAMWORLD as P'JAMERZ!

We will be using our kickstarted funding to help produce each plush toy plus produce each characters storybook and create an animated version of each storybook. Archie's animated episode can be seen below.

Conceived over 2 years ago, P'Jamerz are here to empower children to conquer their fears and nightmares. Each toy comes with an interactive storybook that will reinforce the story and help children have sweet dreams.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
I have worked diligently to ensure that I will meet the delivery dates however, artist deadlines and plush toy production may take longer than expected. I will be staggering delivery based on toy availability. I will ship packages out to backers as soon as their order comes in.

I will closely monitor the production of the plush toys and storybooks. I have worked closely with the toy production team and the art team and feel confident that I will meet the deadlines.

I will resolve any issues as quickly as I can and make sure that the most important people, my backers are happy. I will also routinely update my backers on the progress of their orders.






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