pj 001   As a mom it know most kids are afraid of something. They go through a lot of things quickly. My son has a hard time with bad dreams. I know all kids go through it. As a parent we wish we could just take it away and make things all better. I have tried a dream catcher. Which doesn't work all the time. He wants to know why he still had a bad dream if the dream catcher is up in his room. I told him maybe it's because it's full of bad dreams. So he had asked me to clean it out. pj 002 Well, I have and then gave him a box that he can put his bad dreams in and close it shut so they can't get out. That also has worked bit not every time. So I have come across this new product called pjamerz. It is a book about bad dreams and getting through them. Being brave. This includes a book and two stuffed animals in the set. There are 3 more that can be purchased separately. This is a great book. I love the whole concept. Zachary enjoyed the story. He loves the stuffed animals. pj 003 We read the book and we have added some of our own twists to it. When we go over things that bother him we put them in the story and talk things over. With the pjamerz you help your child feel better about nightmares. This is a great product. This is a great way to teach our children about fears and work through them at the same time. zachary is like the brave lion Archie.  For more information click here.

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