History is something we all love to embrace. It is almost impossible to visit a place and not learn at least a bit about their ancient culture. Some of these places are filled with monuments and structures that have withstood the test of time and still stand valiantly to this very day. Today we are going to look at five places so rich in history that they guaranteed to leave you in awe.

1. Rome


We’ve all at some point read the history of the Roman Empire. If not, then you have probably heard about it or watched a film adaptation about them. Every year this place is filled with hordes of visitors from all around the world and that leaves you to wonder why? Well, there’s only one explanation for this and that is its history. There are so many historical places and mesmerizing structures to explore while in Rome. You can visit the Colosseo, Foro Platino, Foro Romano, Vittoriano, the Vatican, the Capitoline and Vatican museums, Fontana di Trevi and many more places. The list is endless.


2. Israel


Israel hosts some of the most sacred places on earth. This is of course from the point of view of the Christians, Islams and Jews around the world. Israel has been referenced throughout the biblical writings from the time of Abraham. This may be hard to contemplate if you are not a religious person, but it is still a place very rich in history and worth visiting whether you are religious or not. While there, you can check out the capital city Jerusalem, Galilee, the Dead Sea and the western wall.

3. Egypt


You just can’t talk about history without mentioning Egypt. Egypt is so rich in history that we still wonder if it has been fully explored to this day. The one thing most people long to see in Egypt is the gigantic pyramids. These jaw dropping structures live up to their hype. The great pyramid of Giza can be a great place to start and while there you are certain to see the ancient sculpture known as the Sphinx. You can also explore the many temples in Egypt and see the ancient carvings and hieroglyphics on their walls.   

4. Greece


It would be unfair not to mention Greece, since some of the first philosophers originated from here. Greece gave us Aristotle, Socrates and Plato, whose theories we learn up to this day. These were highly intelligent people and that is why most historical books teach about them. Greece was also the foundation of democracy as their political system was determined through voting, which at that time was either unheard of or not considered. Furthermore, they gave us some famous artists and writers. The fascinating architecture employed in the ancient buildings in Greece just comes to show how sophisticated they were. While here, you can visit some historic places like the Parthenon, Acropolis and Meteora.


5. Malta


A brief history of Malta, is that it was inhabited by farmers in the period 5,200 BC who were skilled in making tools and pottery. Their skills are however not to be underestimated as they built the fascinating temples in Malta such as those at Tarxein. These temples have existed for a very long time, some are proven to be older than the pyramids of Giza. Malta was faced with a number of conquests after the Neolithic period. The first was by the Phoenicians, then followed the Carthaginians, then the Romans and finally the Arabs. The history of Malta is quite long, not to mention the ruling by order of the knights popularly known as the Knights of Malta. This is among the reasons it makes the list as a place rich in history. There are also a number of historical places to visit in Malta such as the Ggantija temples, Grandmasters Palace, Fort Rinella, Hagar Qin and the Mnajdra temples.


The above-mentioned places are very rich in history and should be placed in your list of places to visit during the holidays. The historic structures and monuments they have are not only captivating but also have a story behind them.


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