What can be more beautiful than watching two dear friends or family members tieing the knot outdoors and starting their future together? Now that it is your turn, you can start to cherry-pick all the wonderful ideas you have seen and experienced, and roll them into your own unique wedding. Now just because an outdoor wedding feels more laid-back, the same level of planning is still required, and in most cases, you might actually need a few more contingency plans for good measure. Don’t fear, your wedding is going to stunning, and here is how you can plan it to perfection.

Plan for the worst-case scenario

Okay, this sounds a lot more pessimistic than it is, it’s really just being smart about the fact you have chosen an outdoor wedding and are thus exposed to all that comes with. Marquee weddings in Melbourne are very popular, which is why marquee hire is usually the first thing to secure, as coverage will determine the scope of where you have your wedding. Now that cover is covered, you can start to think about insects and mosquitos and find a creative way of putting citronella candles around the place and maybe even a tray of organic insect repellents. You also want to know how far away a hospital is, and what the area is like for servicing taxies and Ubers. Sure, this isn’t a fun or romantic thing to consider – but you want to know what to do if anything less than perfect occurs.

Don’t be heavy-handed on the styling

For those planning indoor weddings, styling is a major component. For outdoor weddings, you have the sky, flora and natures ambience to take on most of the styling elements. Rather than dominating your outdoor wedding, you want to find stylish enhancements that complement the space. If you have any big trees in the area, weave some festoon lights through the branches. Rather than submitting to hiring some exorbitantly priced chairs, scatter some rugs and cushions around the stretch of grass and have your wedding guests congregating informally in this open space. 

Remember the overheads

Wedding couples will always visit the venues of their upcoming wedding but rarely do they see the space at nighttime where most of the fun is to unfold. Seeing your location at each time of the day will inform better decision making, like seeing how much light you will need to bring to space, how far the bathrooms are from the party area and whether the dance floor is safe to move on and visible at each hour. Wedding planners will often gesture to an area as the wedding dancefloor, but given you are having this outdoors you need to make sure the ground is perfectly flat or hire a level dancefloor.

Consider accommodation options for your guests

If you are having an outdoor wedding, it is likely to occur in an area that is off the beaten track (meaning the music doesn’t haven’t to stop!), which can present an issue for your guests. Before you book or register the area you are to be married, take a look at the accommodation options in the area. If there is only one 5-star hotel, that will work for you the wedded couple, but might not be ideal for everyone else. Make sure there is a nice mix of accommodation styles and prices, and include these details on your wedding invites so that everyone can get organised early. 


There is a lot more to plan, but these areas seem to be the items that are left until last or not considered at all. If in doubt, reach out to your friends and family who have had a wedding in a similar format and gauge what they loved and what they would have done differently.

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