The thing I love about the great outdoors is that you can plan a party whatever the weather! In the summer, you could have a brilliant poolside party. And during the colder months, there's nothing better than sitting around a roaring fire!


Of course, the actual planning part can be a nightmare for some folks. But you shouldn't sweat it! There's always an element of trying to make everything perfect for the event. The truth is; you can't always plan for all eventualities.


Are you planning an outdoor party soon? If so, follow my top tips to make organizing it less stressful and more fun!


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Make your invitations clear


The format of your invitations should be down to your personal choice. But what should be universal with all those invitations is your instructions. People need to know where the party is and what time it starts.


You should also tell them what food and drink they need to bring. Of course, you could just ask them to supply drinks only, and you can handle the food side of things.


If you're planning a BBQ, it's also a good idea to note down the times you'll be firing up the grill. That way, you don't need to spend all evening cooking food!

Make sure you've got enough seating


When you invite people to your outdoor party, you should try to gain an idea of how many people will be attending. That way, you can make sure that everyone has a seat available. After all; you can't expect your guests to stand up all night!


If you've only got a few outdoor chairs, consider getting some extra ones from indoors. Now's the perfect time to bring those spare dining room chairs into service.


Some companies like M&M Special Events will allow you to hire extra chairs if you need them. There's no point buying the extra ones you need, because you won't have much use for them. And it could cost you a lot of money!


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Set up some battery-powered lighting


If you've got a large backyard, how are you going to illuminate it when the sun goes down? One option is to use lots of extension cords and power some outdoor lights that way. But, as you can imagine, such a set up can be dangerous!


The safer option is to use a Power Sonic battery and hook it up to some outdoor lights. Another advantage of that approach is that you're free to light up any area of your garden. Not just the areas closest to a power socket.


Don't waste time (and money) on lots of decorations


Let's face it; the only decoration you're going to need is a piñata! They are colorful and will add extra fun to any outdoor party! You can buy them online from most retailers. Fill them up with items from a dollar store and you're done!


I hope today's blog post will help you plan a stress-free outdoor party. Thank you for taking the time to read it. See you soon!


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