Raising a family can be the best years of life, and the most expensive. It is no surprise that as the years go on, many young families are growing savvy to the idea of planning their retirement. Inevitably, our bodies will grow old, and eventually will fail on us, and unable to work we will be reliant solely upon the savings and preparations we made as young adults. Although, when planning for retirement when raising a family, it can be difficult, as your family will needless to say take precedence over your retirement saving fund. If you have a limited income it can become even more difficult.

Although, over time, small additions to your retirement fund add up, and eventually you will have enough if you adhere to a strict retirement plan and can manage to maintain it without giving in. To have a comfortable and secure future, it is important you build the retirement fund while you still can. Here are some ways to get started.

A Self-Directed IRA

A self-directed IRA is a retirement savings investment account that provides tax advantages on retirement savings. IRA accounts increase in value and your savings will accrue; you can find more details by speaking to a financial advisor. It is important when considering putting all of your savings into an account that you do your research and are aware of things such as inflation which can prove detrimental to your savings over time.

Create a Schedule and Adhere to It

It can be very important when planning for your retirement plan that you adhere to your time horizon schedule. When considering planning a retirement your age is an important factor. It is important to start setting down the groundwork for your retirement plan the younger you are; it is recommended you start at some point in your twenties and invest in securities, which over time, will increase in value as they reach maturity and you will receive a nice profit.

If you start saving in your twenties here and there, you may perhaps think it will not benefit you or be beneficial to a retirement fund, but you are completely wrong. This is a tactic called compounding and is very effective. Many financial advisors suggest compounding when young, as they say the younger you are, you should focus more on your income and preservation of aforesaid income.


Top retirement advisors have suggested breaking your retirement plan into stages. The first stage should be in their twenties, with some money here and there, and then the next stage in your thirties and forties where you invest in securities to increase your portfolio. Using professional planning services will ensure that you receive all the advice and guidance that you need. A search using keywords such as “certified financial planner near me” should help to find local experts in your area

Establish How Much You Will Need to Spend

Having an idea of what you will spend your money on post retirement is very important. You will need to calculate and determine every possible expense you may need to pay out, down to your electric bills and your supermarket bills. It is important to do this because when calculating a retirement you will need to know down to exactly what you will need to spend your money on, so you can assure you have enough money saved toward your retirement fund.

Many people believe that post-retirement will only spend twenty percent of what they would have spent pre-retirement, which often proves to be terribly wrong. With small expenditures like petrol and travel reduced, your main expenditure will still stay largely the same and it is important that you bear that in mind, as it is unlike your household bills will reduce strictly because of your retirement; you are likely to use the same amount of water, gas, and electric, as before, if not more.

Try to Reduce Your Spending Habits While Young

It is suggested by many financial advisors that you should get into the habit of reducing your financial expenditure when young so as to continue in that same spirit into your old age. As you get older expenses can pile up; your health will begin to fade, your children will need things; you will want to pay off your mortgage completely, among other things. With so much expenditure it can be important to consider reducing your spending when you are young and still building your financial portfolio. Many of the richest people in the world are very frugal with their money, which is something you should adopt and continue within your life and teach your children.

When saving for retirement you can encounter many potential investment opportunities and it is important to consider them with a fish-eye lens so as to avoid falling prey to malicious scams orientated toward would-be retirees.

Losing your entire retirement fund can be gut-wrenching and unfortunately has happened to many people over the years. You should take as much care as you can when considering investments and consult your financial planner as much as you can if you have one.

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